Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Blues

 Easter came and went, weekends seem to fly by lately. I have been sick as a dog the last few days....but of course I made it my business to make sure we have a traditional Polish Easter breakfast.

Feeling blue in the begining of the day was a mixture of being sick and missing the rest of my family in NY, I hope the day comes that we are all living in one state and can have holidays together...sure skype & photos help but sometimes they make me even more sad cuz they're a reminder of what I'm missing.

My blues went away as the day went on

Danny works 7 days a week now, but he was off on Easter which was wonderful! we made the best of the day despite of me feeling blehh and manly voice that comes along with a bad cold
Traditional Polish Easter Breakfast

Sofi eating her eggies

After breakfast we went down the street to take some photos are some...

Sofi & auntie :)

Smelling flowers..shes just so precious

Sis, hubby & Sofi

She loves her uncle Danny

she gets annoyed with the amount of kisses we give her! haha

After my sisters, we did some trespassing : x ....we wanted to go into 'our' house to take some measurements so we can figure out furniture options before we even sign the contract and move in. We've been stalking our house for a couple of weeks now, doing drive-bys and checking out the neighborhood. Needless to say, every time we go there we fall more and more in love with it!! I cannot wait to move in :) As of right now our closing is May 6th.

                         me trying to operate a tape measurer ( awful pic of me, but I had to post it cuz it cracks me up)
                                                         Danny jotting down measurements

First pic of me in my kitchen!


                                                                      one last look!

After stalking our house we went out for drinks at The Sandbar...strawberry mojitos rock!

We ended this day with some cough syrup for me, hot tub, a movie "The Switch"  (which was a great movie by the way) .....and a little surprise for our friends & family that we wont reveal for a little while....soon enough  ; ]

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