Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Baby, Baby, Baby

Lately there has been a lot of baby talk between Dan and I....I think the relationship he formed with our precious niece has made him start thinking about having our own little one :) I still melt every time I see him with Sofi...she calls him "Daniel" and its the cutest.

Though we aren't exactly in the ideal place to have a baby, the thought crosses our mind quite often. I have always wanted to be a Mommy and I cannot wait till that day comes.

Danny is convinced that our first born will be a girl, he swears on it.....I say it will for SURE be a boy, Ive always pictured myself with a son. We even made silly bets on it, If I win I get a foot massage for a year...if he wins he gets breakfast made for a year...either way one of us scores ( I say it will be me ;)

we also discussed names, as this changes all the time....I thought I would keep track and make a list, to look back on if and when needed. Danny loves the name Vienna and Ella for a girl, I love Sienna. Ella Leif is cute for a 5 year old but I'm not sure if it sounds sophisticated for an adult. For a boy we have a much tougher time coming up with a name, it has to be easy enough for my parents not to butcher... When we were in Hawaii we kept seeing a truck with the name "Ryder" on it, it kinda stuck out.

Everytime we're in Target we peek at the baby section for fun and cuz baby things are the cutest! Pointing out teeny tiny newborn outfits makes us smile.

Here is us as babies....

Adorable Danny

Giant eyed baby
My Christening - 5 months old

Me - 5 years old

..and a little silly fun of morphing
this child looks frightened ha! and I don't see the resemblance
This one atleast has green eyes and dark hair

So for now we'll continue being parents to our fur-baby Charlie until we have a real one :)


  1. I had read this post a couple of weeks ago but didn't get the chance to comment. It's funny how you say you made a list of baby names to keep track because I do the same. I've had a list that I keep at work for almost 2 years now!lol all names are girl names except for one. I also think I'll have a boy first even though secretly I would love to have a girl first. I just say it all the time that I'm only having boys!!! Lol we'll have to wait and see.
    And also I found it funny how a year ago you were going to target and checking out the baby section just because it was cute, and today as I saw on your IG post, you were actually at target buying Sienna tons of cloths. I do the same thing when I go to target, I drag who ever is with me right to the baby section!!!!!

  2. Haha! So you lost the bet - have you been making breakfast :P I love that you had the name from the start. <3

  3. Oh my gosh! Joanna! That christening picture of you! Sienna is your twin. That is so funny!!


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