Tuesday, July 26, 2011

7 weeks

Dear Baby,

We have been on this journey only 7 weeks and I can tell you its been quite a ride. As soon as my 6th week was over, you stopped giving me cramps and started giving me nausea (Thanks for that). Throwing up while making breakfast is not the ideal way I wanted to kick off my 7th week but its OK, I love you anyway...you're worth all of this. I have been eating only the best things, to make sure you're healthy for me...I even cut out all caffeine and let me tell you that was very hard for me, I don't even drink iced tea anymore and have a minimal amount of chocolate. Your super excited Daddy went to the baby store while Mommy was at work to buy you something, he came home with bottles - it was so very sweet of him and I hope you have a kind, thoughtful heart just like him.....maybe you can get his green eyes too  :) On Monday I am finally going to the doctor to make sure you're really in there! I hope I get to see you or atleast hear your little heart.



Your sweet words always make my day! :) Thank you.