Saturday, October 29, 2011

a little preview of our yard :)

Today is the first Saturday that we are actually home all day, not running around doing errands and shopping for the house...and that's only because we are getting all of our windows replaced...kind of an annoying, hefty, but needed expense...The old windows were not energy efficient, outdated and single pane.  We needed ones that were easier to child proof. These guys have been here since 7AM this morning, it is now almost 4...but at least it gives me a chance to catch up on my blog...once  they're done there will be a lottttttttt of cleaning to do, there is dust everywhere...even on the keyboard I am typing with now... I'm sneezing up a storm here.

 Danny is catching up on some more yard-work in the mean time..mowing the lawn, planting some more fruit trees...which I must add is not an easy task...there are already about 8 trees out there so digging is a horror because of all the roots he hits...but its coming along... slowly but surely.

we finally hung it today!

new baby lemons

a sweet little reminder of Hawaii 

I'm new at this - don't laugh : p

 red grapefruit tree - planted 10/29/11

Apple tree - planted 10/29/11

The hard work is paying off! I need to take a before and after picture, the whole yard was covered in rocks when we first moved it - it was awful! 

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