Monday, October 31, 2011

Thoughts on Halloween

 I grew up with a much different version of Halloween. In Poland, and in many other countries...November 1st is actually 'a day of the dead'  families visit cemeteries to light candles and pay respects to their deceased loved ones..cemeteries all over are filled with  lights...such a respectable & beautiful thing to do. I remember going to my Grandfathers grave when I was a kid and I wish I still could every year. As my father says " Halloween in American is an idiotic, stupid thing" When I see grown women use this holiday as an excuse to dress like hookers, I can say that I fully agree with that statement.

So yes, though I much rather be in Poland at this time...I do live elsewhere now and have to accept the difference in culture, I wont be a debby donwer for all the kiddos in my neighborhood who will be knocking on my door later. Hubby & I will be spending our evening giving out candy for the first time in our own home.

Random thought : I'm gonna have a 7 month old this time next year!
I cant say that I haven't already looked at costumes for her to wear next year : P

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  1. I completely agree with your dad. And I know what you mean by celebrating the day of the dead on November 1st, we do exactly what you just described in Portugal.


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