Thursday, November 17, 2011

Cloth diapering

Danny & I decided to take on cloth diapering,
Some of you may judge and think its gross and that's fine...everyone is entitled to their opinions.

I'm aware that it will be unpleasant at times with #2
but if its better for my baby, saves my husband thousands of dollars and is better for the environment then that is all the convincing I'll ever need.

Not to mention they're adorable :)


  1. good for you! looking back i wish i had cloth diapered... i think it would have been a great experience overall and a #2 is going to be just that in any type of diaper you use! another blog (and ig mama), has had great success taking it a step further with "ec" and diaper free! worth a read :)

  2. Should make potty training earlier and easier as well. I'm so for it!


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