Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thankfulness on Thanksgiving

This year, more than ever before, I think I have an
 abounding list of "things" to be thankful for..

An incredible husband - today marks our 1 month of wedded bliss.
Not a day goes by that I don't thank my lucky stars for bringing him into my life.

Our home, that we love so much & are fortunate to have.

Our niece Sofia, who thankfully only lives only 2 minutes away 
She has the power to turn around any crummy day, make us laugh with the clever things she says & melt our hearts with her hugs, kisses and "I love yous"

Our true & genuine friends,
 who have stuck by us through thick & thin - we love you guys!

My easy pregnancy, thus far its been a breeze...her kicks are what I live for these days I'm thankful to only have gained a belly not a bum...but let me not jinx myself. 

Most of all, I'm thankful to become a mother...less than 4 months till we meet our sweet baby girl, words cannot express the love, joy and excitement I have in my heart to welcome this child into the world...She will be showered with so much love that she will never doubt how happy we are she came into our lives.

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