Wednesday, May 16, 2012

two months old

Dear Sienna,
This past Sunday, on my 1st Mothers Day you turned 2 months old!
these have been the fastest two months ever

You are by far the happiest baby I have EVER encountered - constantly smiling, you only get a little fussy in the evening but even so - you are not much of a crier...but a little observer, you love sitting in different parts of the house looking at everything with your little quizzical facial expression that just cracks me up...

those brows kill me 
you continue to grow and change everyday,
this month you discovered that your arms and legs work!
you love to kick and splash in the tub and I love letting you, I just keep adding warm water and watch you have a ball

your napping schedule is unpredictable but I'll take what I can get during the day, you nap best in your swing or snuggled next to your Daddy or me. 

Your Auntie said that you're are a little supermodel in the making

current weight: 9lbs 10oz (25th percentile)
current height: 23 inches (75th percentile)

your doctor said that you're growing  & developing right on track
you are vaccine free, breast fed, cloth diapered & perfect.

I thank my lucky stars that don't have to supplement you with formula, 
It would absolutely kill me if I had to because of course, I want the best for you.

We love you so much little one!
-Mommy & Daddy


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