Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Newborn Essentials

Here are some of my favorite things for Sienna since she's been born in no particular order, just things we absolutely love :)

1. Aiden & Anais blankets - best ever!!
 These make regular receiving blankets feel stiff like cardboard...I wish I had discovered them before stocking up on the regular ones, they're all I use as far as blankets. They are quite pricey, but so worth it.

2. Gumdrop soothies by Hawaii Medical - I don't even know what I would do without these, Sienna would use my breasts as her pacifier in the beginning and I wanted to crawl out of my skin, she wanted to be latched on literally 24/7. At the hospital I was discouraged from giving her a soothie and I'm glad I didnt listen because both her and I would be miserable if I did. These soothies are softer than the regular store bought ones, we ordered 10 of them online.

3. Ergo carrier - I cant shut up about this carrier, easy to put on, cozy and comfy for both baby and mom, doesn't hurt your back or shoulders, you can use it from birth to 35lbs! It has amazing reviews all around on every single site. I look foward to using it while hiking & traveling to NY with Sienna.

4. Swaddle blankets - These were a must have in the first weeks, wrapping her up like a little burrito made her sleep so well. I still swaddle her but I leave her arms out...she freaks out if I dont, its kinda funny.

5. cotton hats - Even though its hot in AZ, I still use these everyday...with the AC being on in the house I put these on her immediately after a bath to keep her from getting cold...dont we all walk around with a towel on our head to keep warm after a shower? :) same concept.

6. terry cloth bibs -I go through bibs like water...terry cloth ones are the best because they actually absorb spit up unlike with others it kinda just rolls off and ruins their clothes anyway.

7. Butt Paste- Sienna hardly ever has a red tush, but when she did this stuff worked like magic - it made it go away within a couple of hours

8. Bassinet - I'm going to be super sad once Sienna outgrows this, having her at arms reach next to our bed is wonderful

9. My little snugabunny swing - Sienna spent her first few weeks napping in this, its so cozy I wish they made it for adults...lately shes been loving staring & smiling at the birds :o)

10. Medela symphony breast pump - this thing is a beast! I love it, it miniks the sucking of a baby...no wonder it costs close to 2k - we are currently renting it.

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