Thursday, September 13, 2012

6 months old

Dear Sienna,

I cant believe its been HALF a year since the doctor laid you in my arms
6 months since your Daddy & I fell in love with your squishy little face

yep that face right there
(you were mad I didn't let you touch the candle)

 I vividly rember organizing your clothes before you were born putting away your 6-9 month things thinking "its going to be SO long before she wears these" I blinked and you're 6 months old and here I am pulling out those clothes.

crazy I tell ya

 Here is what you're up to this month

you have the sweetest disposition, always so so happy,
 everyone who meets you is in awe of how smiley you are

you learned to sit up on your own in NY 
9/1/12 - 5.5 months

you said your first word on the same day
"dada" (totally not surprised, you're such a daddy's girl)

Something in the air in NY?

you ate your first solids - bananas, avocado, carrots

messy eater?
that would be an understatement
sometimes you use your food as finger paint, though its kinda cute
the amount of cleaning I have after is not so cute...but since you're really cute, I guess its OK...knock your socks out! :)

I dont know your stats yet
your appointment is on Wednesday 
but you're still a skinny minnie and Id guess you're no more than 14lbs

you adore Charlie, when ever you hear him (the sound his collar makes when he walks)
you get all excited and wave your arms

you take 2-3 naps a day, but you wake up 2-3 times a night
you sleep best in bed with us though we don't want to get you in that habit. Its very uncomfortable for mama who likes to spread her arms out or cuddle with Daddy. Cant do either with you in our bed

you grew some chub on your cheeks since last month
more for me to smooch :)

I kiss you allll day long
how can I not?

little miss kissablecheeks!

you love to make clicking sounds with your tongue at whoever you see hoping they do it right back at you, when they give a big smile

I could talk about you all day long, but I think this post is getting way too long already! Happy HALF birthday my beautiful girl. I'm looking forward to what next month has in store I'm excited to take you to a pumpkin patch!

We love you
more than words can say


  1. She is so cute and tiny! :) Happy 6 Months, Sienna!

  2. These are undoubtedly my favourite photos of her so far :) such a little character

  3. Love, love that candle pic! They are all very cute but that is my favorite! Happy 6 months mama! Time sure does fly by!

  4. Happy 6 months baby girl!! Mommy can talk about you all day and I can read about you all day. Yes, you are special.

  5. such a cute post! and she's adorable.

  6. that's so cute,,, I wish I had started a blog,, but who am I kidding when would I find the time between two kids.. :) and so much to plan this year,,, however it's amazing I love the Idea that one day you 'll make it into a book for Sienka,,,Love it..

  7. Love these posts. They are probably my favorite because they are done so cute-ly. I love them and seeing the things your write about your daughter. It's really beautiful.

    Also, I was just wondering if you could do a cloth diapering post.. Not sure if you did one or not. But I would like to know which diapers/covers you used.. where you got them.. etc. Just everything really because I'm wanting to do it for my own.. but she will be here soon and I'm stressing. haha I've see a few of her pictures and they are so cute it makes me want to do it more with the cute little covers (I guess.. that's what they are called..) Also I'm not really sure where do find them or purchase them.. and then what do you put in them.. brands?

    Thank you. :) I look forward to this post possibly. And pictures of your collection if you can. :)

    1. Thank you so much! sweet comments like this make my day. I will gladly write about cloth diapers within the next few days! thank you for reading :)


    Thanks for following my blog!


  9. oh how sweet she is! what a beautiful little girl

  10. Thanks for following my blog! And it's wonderful to "meet" you and precious Sienna. I love that our sweet little ladies are just days apart!

  11. You can co sleep, just push your bed against the wall and have you in the middle.

  12. She is BEAUTIFUL!!!! I love those big blue eyes! Happy halfway-to-one birthday, Sienna!

  13. Cute!!!! Makes me wanna start a blog fort little lady!!!! But I want you to post up how to ge t my hands on those fabric rolled headbands they are sooo flipping cute


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