Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sunday morning break

Hubby took the baby out for a few hours to give me a break and met up with a Daddy friend doing the same for his wife

I have a million things to do, my suitcase is still unpacked, I could really use some more sleep and the house needs some straightening out...but of course pintresting & blogging it is. I made myself a killer breakfast, that I actually got to eat sitting down for a  change...something that doesn't happen around here anymore. 

Its a great morning already.

chocolate crepe with
 melted nutella
 bananas & strawberries

Charlie is making me feel like chopped liver over here
He's been sitting in the window since Dan left

hubs just text me this
Sienna & her boy-friend

Time to crank up Pandora & work up some motivation to be productive

Happy Sunday Everyone!!


  1. Oh my gosh, that chocolate crepe looks divine.

  2. Ohhh....that crepe looks delicious! I have never made them, but now I definitely want to.
    Enjoy your quiet mommy time :)

  3. Too the colors of your blog...Hailey rocked bikinis this summer too! Thanks for stopping by Chasing Hailey. I am your newest follower.

  4. Happy sunday to you!!! Those crepes looks absolutely delicious! xo

  5. Sienna is so cute !! Could you please consider following each other? I think you could like my blog and we could keep in touch! Twitter:@shineonbyandrea

  6. Your husband is sooo sweet to let you have your own 'me time' and Sienna is so adorable wearing that polka dots bikini on your previous entry!!

  7. Hubby took my baby for a few hours Friday night too... good husbands we have; and much needed mommy time :) and that breakfast looks amazing!

  8. Oh and thanks for stopping by my blog, I'm your newest follower too :)

  9. That crepe looks amazing! I can't believe you just whipped that up.. jealous. Love the pic of Sienna and her boyfriend.. so sweet of your hubs to give you some time to recharge. Love your blog.. your newest follower!



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