Tuesday, September 11, 2012

beer, boots & boo boo

Just a few random thoughts for the day...

I love pumpkin  everything
especially beer
last Fall I was pregnant and couldn't enjoy any
so this year -I'm going to enjoy every sip just a little more

speaking of Fall,

I'm on a quest to find the perfect pair of brown boots
I'm super short so its been hard finding ones that aren't awkwardly high on my leg
I welcome anyone's suggestions as to brands and where to look :)
I love the boots below, but they probably would look like hooker boots on me...going way over my knees. Being short sucks sometimes

Anyone watch "Here comes honey boo boo"?
Its so ridiculous and I don't know why I watch it but I cant stop.
 I love that fact that despite everything, they're happy being who they are


  1. Oh honey boo boo, thats like watching a train wreck you just cant look away!

  2. omgoodness i love that outfit!! i just ordered a pair from macy's and i will get them friday, ill let you know how i feel about them (ps, im very short as well so i hear ya!)

  3. I am also a pumpkin fanatic - and I'm looking forward to pumpkin beer, too. That's a great idea...perhaps I should run out and get some?? :)

  4. I LOVE pumpkin beer and I LOVE Honey Boo Boo! You better redneckognize :)

  5. We don't get pumpkin flavoured things here, I desperately wish we did though!
    I have an amazing pair of brown boots. I got them from La Redoute which was odd because I hate buying things I can't try on first, but they've lasted me 3 years and look as good as new! They're just higher than calve but just lower than knee boots, so ideal. :)
    And I have no idea what this Honey Boo Boo thing is, but Boo Boo is what hubs calls me, so I better not watch it otherwise I'll end up needing a new nickname haha :) xx

    1. haha go to youtube and type in here comes honey boo boo - you have to see this family

    2. My life is now complete!!!! Hahahaha oh my.

  6. I LOVE everything pumpkin flavored as well! As sad as I am to see summer go, things like that do get me in the mood for fall! And I love that outfit.. those boots are perfect and would go with so many things. Hope you find the perfect pair!

  7. I am from New England and you need boots in the fall up here.( I think I have six pairs now! :O) I am also short (5"1) and out of all of them my Born boots are the best!! they look a lot like your photo you like. Good Luck in the such!!

  8. I love pumpkin everything too!!

    Your blog is so cute!!! New Loyal Follower for sure! Follow me back???

    XOXO Bunnie


  9. I am with you on Honey Boo Boo, they are a hot mess but so content! Those boots are beautiful, hopefully you can find a similar pair! Thanks for stoppy by, I am following via GFC :)

  10. Hey Joanna,

    I know how you feel about the boot thing. I'm 5'1, but I have "athletic" calves (don't know where they came from), so it makes it even more difficult to find boots. Just recently I got boots from Aldo that are really cute. They end right under me knee, I realize we obviously could have different leg length, but I figured I'd show you them anyway. The calf area was too small for me, so I had to get them stretched a bit, I am sure you won't have that problem seeing that you're tinier then me.


    Theres the link!

    Good luck!

    Brittany Lipowski (from IG)

  11. So I am stocking up on pumpkin beer because its my fav also!! I plan on having some at the very end of October!



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