Monday, September 17, 2012

cute & affordable

I've been asked several times where I get Sienna's clothes 
so lets talk about where & how I shop for her

I love a kid dressed to their cuteness potential, its fun especially having a girl
but doing it without breaking the bank gives me that extra satisfaction

I love scoring deals. 
 who doesn't?

So clearance racks are my best friend
My usual go to stores are Target, Old Navy,  TJ Maxx, H&M, baby Gap & Khols

sweet deal scored at H&M

-This is the key -
buy sizes ahead whenever there are sales

 whenever I'm in Target I check the clearance rack and stock up on bigger clothes for her.  Sure if something is super cute and I HAVE to have it, I'll get it but they grow so fast I'm lucky if she even repeats the same outfit 3 times.  

End of season sales are awesome
now that Fall is almost here, all summer stuff is on sale and sometimes $1.50 per item kinda sale. Brand NEW clothing cheaper than used thrift store stuff- you just cant beat that.

long sleeve onsie for $1.47

I got her these adorable Bermuda shorts for next summer
Original price $12.99
I paid $3.88 

If I ever run into forecasting/sizing issues for upcoming seasons, 
 I'd just take her short sleeved tops and put a white long sleeved onsie underneath making an adorable layered outfit,  wearable in chillier weather.

Which leads me to another theory about dressing my girl, 
ditching the mitchy matchy outfits - totally a personal thing I just really cant get past stripped pants with a busy floral top combo (Carters is guilty of this kind of look) though I love Carters, here is what I do...

Yes, I buy their mitchy matchy outfits- but as soon as I get home I separate them and forget they were ever together. I treat them as two completely different articles of clothing in her wardrobe...busy floral top will go with solid leggings and stripped pants with a solid top.

Another thing I keep in the back of my mind is - would I be embarrassed wearing this?
I know I know I realize they're children but I don't want her to look back and say " really mom? why the heck was I wearing that?" yes I know its silly of me to think about that.

overall, its totally possible to dress your kid real cute on a budget.
I rather the money that I would have spent if I didn't shop this way spent go elsewhere

my favorite little shopping pal ;)


  1. That's a fantastic idea! Babies are so expensive--especially when they grow so fast. Thanks for the shopping tip. And you do dress your little munchkin SO CUTE. :)

  2. Those little shoes are so cute!

  3. Oh my goodness! She is too cute and I love the shoes! I envy you for shopping ahead for the next warm weathered season. I don't have the guts to do this because by 10 months, she was already wearing 12-18mo clothing. I wish I knew what size she would be in next summer, cause I would surely stock up on those $1.50 deals! Awesome!! :)

  4. Sienna always looks adorable. I think its best and so very easy to find amazing deals on baby clothes. As an auntie without kids of my own, I try to spoil my neice and get her fancy schmancy clothes from Bloomingdales. It makes me heart happy. But I also hope that my sister will dry clean those close and pack them up nice and give them back to me when/if I have a daughter of my own one day! Most of my actions have self-serving purposes. =)

    1. haha thats clever! Bloomingdales baby stuff is really ADORABLE!

  5. How gorgeous are those shoes! Great advice! My girl is now 11, I have always bought her clothes at marked down prices, and I have always bought sizes up as well. She's always been well dressed and I've never had a moment when I had to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe of clothes because she had grown.

    1. that's definitely the way to do it!

  6. I LOVE h&m kids! it is one of my favorite stores! And Old Navy! I do the exact same w. outfits! have you signed up on Totsy or Zulily? They have great deals as well!

    1. zulily is great but their shipping is a killer!

  7. I plan on doing the same for our girl! I've also come across some adorable pieces that look better individual rather than paired together. I catch myself staring at her closet, and planning what I will mix with what. =) I agree w/ the Zulily shipping; ridic!

    Your little Sienna is beautiful!!

  8. Loving your blog :) I am doing the same for my little girl : ) Macys, Old Navy, Gap, Dillards buying for the season ahead it is awesome !

  9. Cute outfits!

    I actually just found some cute outfits for my daughter over the summer at Target. I never knew they had such cute stuff!

    I've been asked about my daughter's wardrobe before too. Maybe I'll follow suit and do a post like this.

    Great job on the deals!

    Newest follower!


  10. This post is great!! I just bought a bunch of sale items from Gap! My mom buys Mia a bunch of clothes from Carter's and your idea is great will def do this!

  11. New follower from the link up! :) Cute blog!


  12. I'm all about the clearance racks that that store too! Gotta love it. Sienna is such a cutie and I love her name.

  13. Now I don't have any kids, but when I do I'll totally take the hand-me-downs.

    Great, I KNEW YOU WOULD SAY YES... to me this total stranger.


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