Saturday, June 14, 2014

Bumpdate - 35 weeks

The Babe
 She's head down & measuring a little behind now when in the beginning she was ahead, this may be good news for my vbac...I would rather her a little smaller than big sis - as long as of course she's still healthy. She's hiccupping multiple times a day (which I have to say,  She moves around what seems like NONSTOP....and if the whole heartburn = lots of hair wives tale is true then I'm expecting her to have an afro cuz boy do I feel like I could spit fire somedays, its awful....nothing helps either.

The Momma
I had an appointment with the midwife I saw with Sienna, SO ecstatic that I was able to switch and have her again even if it meant this late in my pregnancy. Apparently I miscalculated my weight gain thus far and I'm only at 19lbs when I thought it was way more. With Sienna I gained a total of 42 - yikes!!! not sure how and why I'm at half that with this baby...I don't think I'm doing anything different?

The Bod
Meh. Hanging in there, definitely have my bad days where I feel crippled but then I somehow managed a 6 mile hike last its definitely depends on the day or the amount of sleep I got the night before.

The Big Sis 
Sigh. Shes been a handful lately...well shes always a handful but more than usual the last week or so. How you ask? just more emotional lately....for example she'll start crying because Charlie stepped on her book - I kid you not. You'd think he devoured it or something with what huge of a deal she makes. Just little things like that...but this emotional state as I've been calling it has also had its cute side...she'll notice when I'm not feeling well and just come to me asking if I'm ok...hug, kiss and pat me on the back with genuine concern and intention to make me feel better.

I'll leave you with this hilarious video a fellow mama shared


  1. You look wonderful mamma..
    Hang in there sweet girl not too much longer & you will have another sweet baby in your arms :)

  2. You look great!! You are just one week behind me - I was 36 weeks on Saturday - and like you, counting down the days!!!!! Congrats!

  3. You look gorgeous mama - I also only gained less than half the weight in my second pregnancy and had no reason why! Little Sienna may be sensing the looming due date - our little SJ also became very emotional and clingy towards the end but she has been so amazing since the birth! So jealous of your VBAC - well done x

  4. Saw that video somewhere else recently . . . So funny! How exciting that baby #2 is almost here! :)

  5. I would like to know your opinion on spanking. Are you going to use those type of punishment with your children or are you planning to use other methods? And if you are planning to use other methods what are they?


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