Tuesday, June 10, 2014

One last adventure before baby #2

This past weekend, we packed our bags and set off on our last little adventure as a family of THREE....to a destination we had yet to explore, a quiet little town perfectly nestled in the white mountains of Northern Arizona. It was just what we needed....not to mention a break from the triple digit temperatures that have recently hit Phoenix.

Most of all, I really just appreciated all the time I had to spend with my husband, minus the distractions of everyday life that cloud our minds at home. We turned off our phones...and focused on each other - it was quite refreshing. Our friends joined us on our second day, and stayed the night so Sienna had a little friend to explore with. 

She loved every second of this trip -  Im pretty certain it was her favorite of all trips we've gone on. In the middle of hiking through a forest she asked if we could stop, when we asked her why she said "because I want to hear the crickets" - this girl is something else I tell ya - she constantly reminds us to slow down and enjoy the little things in life. Its amazing how much you can learn from you child.

 Being almost 35 weeks pregnant I had Dan look up the closest hospital to where we were staying. He thought I was being a worry wart but hey - you never know when they're ready to make their grand entrance, right? After a 6 mile hike I was having braxton hicks that night and thought it was very possible I could go into labor, thankfully they stopped.

 We tried to plan this getaway for a couple of weeks but something always came up...On Thursday we happened to notice that there was still  an open cabin at this specific resort we liked --and since we knew this would be our last chance to do something like this for a while. We were booked and ready to head out at noon the next day. Just like that. All the stars aligned for it to work out, and I'm so glad it did.

Because then we could experience all this together:

So many firsts for little Miss Sienna, flying a kite....fishing...exploring a forest oh and peeing in a bush...what else do you do with a potty trained toddler on a long hike with no toilets around? (she didn't have a problem doing it either which made me proud) a total nature child and I love that about her.

While on the subject of "nature" A big thanks to Peppa Pig {insert sarcasm}
for giving Sienna the brilliant idea to jump around and stomp in a 'muddy puddle'  as Peppa pig says its her favorite...except....it wasn't a muddy puddle but a fresh pile of cow poop. Lets just say....we were glad she was in jelly shoes and near a fresh water lake.



  1. Love it! Awesome you were able to get one last getaway. Can't wait to see the new addition to the Lief family ♥️

    1. Thank you! :) so glad she didnt come this weekend, those braxton hicks had me a little nervous

  2. Loved the video!! What a beautiful place! I wish we could have planned something like this before kensley came! But with preterm labor for over 10 weeks going anyway was not a option!! What a great memory for sienna and y'all!!

  3. Leif** totally misspelled last name.

  4. Yay for one last adventure!! You look great! :)

  5. LOVE this blog post and the video! So glad you got to experience one last trip as a family of 3! Can't wait for baby E!! 😄

  6. Looks like you had an amazing time! So glad you were able to get out one last time before your new bundle arrives!!!

    Alycia//Crazily Normal

  7. How cute is the itty bitty fishing rod! Haha that's hilarious about the "muddy puddle" how funny!! Looks like you had such a great weekend xx

  8. Looks like fun!! Life will be much busier with the second one here, so it's nice you got a little break. You will love watching their bond grow together as sisters. I have a boy and a girl now 2.5 and 1, and they just love each other so much - it melts my heart.

    Meredith- www.rileypaulandme.blogspot.com

  9. Loved watching the video and all the pictures. Thanks for sharing

  10. You look great!!! Sounds like yall had a fabulous time!!!

  11. Beautiful :) hope you deliver your baby safely, healthy and beautiful <3

  12. Beautiful pics - and what awesome memories as a family of 3! So excited for you all… final countdown! x

  13. how awesome!! So happy you guys had fun :)


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