Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Gooodbye Phoenix...

Hello again Gilbert. After way too many back tiring back and forth trips up and down the stairs ( moving is a bitch) we said goodbye to our cute little apartment.... because of its awesome location and simple fact that it was OUR first place made us grow attached to it.  Goodbyes are so bittersweet, closed one chapter and about to open another. We moved into my sisters house for this week as our closing is suppose to be this Friday, I say "suppose to be" because this process has been insane and I'm prepared for anything to go wrong at any point....but FINGERS CROSSED that Friday is the day.

The temporary move to my sisters has its ups and downs, I'm grateful that shes letting us crash for this week and I love having Sofia around all the time but I sure hate having our stuff in the garage...the room we are sleeping in is Sofia's playroom with her toys all over the place, there is no room to put our clothes anywhere. So every morning for this whole week we have to go into the garage to get dressed, fun stuff, right? I pray this stay wont go past this weekend.

The ridiculous chaos of buying a home has be wanting to rip my hair out, that's to say the least. There is always something that the underwriters need, I wish I could tell them to shove it. They even ask for a written explanation of certain deposits in our accounts...umm we have jobs, we make deposits, what else do you need explained? I cant wait for this process to finally be over...any longer and I might go insane.

I have a very dreadful doctors apt tomorrow,  I think Id cry if I didn't have Danny to go with me. Wish me luck!

Here are some pictures from Sundays move....
                                                                     40th street <3


Charlie was so confused and scared to be left behind

Last & MOST important thing left!

See ya!

Happy Sofi to have Uncle Danny

and Auntie 'ATA'


  1. The pictures of you and dan with Sofia are precious! And I have faith EVERYthing will work out! Love <3


Your sweet words always make my day! :) Thank you.