Friday, September 16, 2011

100th post

Sometimes I look at old pictures

back from the olden days, carefree days, you know... the days that put a smile on your face and make your heart happy.

I am a sentimental kinda girl. what can I say,
memories are too important

Here is a bit of a picture overload of my favorite moments & memories

The day I met my soon to be husband, I will never forget this day ( 1/28/2006)
I almost dropped my tables plates being so damn nervous. The next day we had our first date at Panera bread, we kissed ( yep, on the first date)...and the rest is a happily ever after.

My first time visiting in Arizona,
 I knew right there & then that Id be living here someday
....someday came 5 years later.

Though I don't miss it,
Friendly's is where I met 2 of my bestest friends
I'm marrying one of them next week, the other one will be she always has been.

Meeting my oldest niece for the first time - 3 days old
Shes now almost 8 years old...where does time go?

Making a snowman in Arizona,
Never thought Id be doing that! 

My childhood home in Poland
So bittersweet going back to visit,
 I always  wonder what my life would be like if we had never left.

Dan & I on our 19th Birthday... Wow
soon we'll be celebrating our 25th with a sweet baby girl
( what could possibly be a better gift?)

My favorite concert ever, right against the stage..bliss.
Jack Johnson - Central Park

Proudest Moment of both of our lives
June 2011 - Homeowners

My Pageant, no I didn't win
but it was one of the most fun nights with my family 

 Our big move to AZ & the adventures along the way
The food in Texas was out of this world

So glad Danny got to meet my sweet Grandma before she passed away
Poland 2009

The day Sofia started saying my name the best way she could "ata"
melting my heart - 5 months old

Sharing a REAL slice of pizza with my sis in Rome

My familys visits to AZ,
these visits are rare so they're cherished that much more 

Best decision of my life
Paris - July 2009

Love at first sight
8 weeks

 Memory is a way of holding onto the things you love,
the things you are,
the things you never want to lose.
  -Wonder Years


  1. joanna! you are way to happy haha. its awesome i wish i could be as positive as you

  2. I love all of your pictures as I always do.


Your sweet words always make my day! :) Thank you.