Wednesday, September 7, 2011

13 weeks

My dearest Jellybean,

Today I got to hear your heart beat for the first time, and I think mine skipped a beat.
I wasn't suppose to...but I begged the Doctor to do a little quickie of an ultrasound because I wanted to see you again so bad! were sleeping with your fists by your face, it was so precious.   You are about the size of a large lemon, measuring about 3.5 inches long.  We are so happy to know that you are doing well. I'm not showing much yet, but I have put on 2 pounds.  I'm looking forward to having a "baby bump" in a few weeks.
here you are, making your mommas heart skip a beat
13 weeks, 1 day (9/6/11)

can you tell how happy you're making me?
13 weeks, 3 days

We have all been guessing if you will be a boy or a girl.  We think you're a boy, although we don't mind either way.  Saturday we are going to see you again, in 3D this time...hopefully you're not shy and you can let us know if you're a little Hudson or a little Sienna because I am dying to start buying you stuff!


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