Friday, September 2, 2011

cloud 9

Baby, wedding && new house can cause one to have a little happiness high :)
Ive decided to return to the blog world for a little update

I am 3 months pregnant and feeling wonderful!! ( thank you little one)
a couple of girls at work said I have " pregnancy glow" going
Everything so far has been smooth sailing with this pregnancy, lets hope the rest is that way too.

Apparently I have 0- bloodtype which is extremely rare, it make my body produce antibodies againts the baby...freaking weird! I have to take a shot at 28weeks to prevent that from happening, this so far has been my only issue with the pregnancy.

I cannot wait to feel him/her move

We are not patient enough to wait till 20 weeks like everyone else to find out the sex, so we've decided to go to a 3D ultrasound place to find out sooner :) maybe even next week!

I feel like its a boy, lets see if my instict is right.
Seeing the pattern in my family, a boy is nearly impossible.
12 weeks - size of a peach
3 inches long

I love shopping for my little peanut!

happy daddy-to-be painting the nursery


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