Friday, September 9, 2011

What Im loving about September....

1. Its the month of our big day!!
two weeks from tomorrow, I will be marrying my best friend

2. The return of.....
( decaf for this mommy to be, of course)

3. The return of fabulous weather here in AZ,
60s, 70s & low 80s till next May!
ohhh how wonderful that is.

4. Fall means we get to start turning our yard into...well, a yard...cuz right now its not much of one...we got rid of all the rocks & Danny is working on the sprinkler & drip system every chance he gets.
We are going to plant grass, citrus trees, a little veggie garden, an avocado tree, and whatever other goodies we can fit :)  We already have a canopy swing/hammock in the garage waiting to be put together!

5. We get to find out if our little nugget is a boy or a girl, fingers crossed that he/she isnt shy tomorrow.
If he/she doesn't cooperate, we'll try again next week.
( Dan & I think its a boy)

6. My parents, sister & aunt are coming to visit!
So excited to have a family gathering in OUR home :)

7. Hiking! boy do I miss going on hikes with my hubs & pup
soon enough we'll be doing it with a Baby Bjorn!

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