Monday, September 12, 2011

Its a GIRL!!

 Dear Sienna,

Ah feels so good to call you by your name! This past Saturday your very impatient Daddy & I went to a 3D ultrasound place to find out if you are a boy or girl, to our surprise you are definitely not a little Hudson and 100% little Sienna :) I think you're going to be a little ballerina because you were spinning around like crazy, so adorable! looks like you have some long legs definitely didn't get that from your momma. Your Daddy cant stop talking about you, we are both so excited. After we got to see you, we called both of your Grandmas right away...they were of course very happy. After that we went on a shopping spree for you, we picked out the cutest things! I really hope you have Daddy's big heart...I cant even begin to describe how much he loves you already. You re one lucky little lady! Last night while I was laying in bed listening to Jack Johnson, I felt little flutters for the first time...was that you trying to tell me you like Jack just like your momma? well, Im sure you will be hearing more of him. Keep those flutters coming, I love them and cant wait till they go from flutters to kicks ( Daddy keeps saying he cant wait to feel the kicks too).


sweet little baby girl

little frog legs

we are all registered!
Target & BuyBuybaby

your cousin is very happy that youre a girl :)

some of your new stuff
 mommy had a blast shopping for you!

youre so loved already!

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