Monday, February 20, 2012

37 weeks!!!

Sunday, 2/19/12

How Far Along?  FULL TERM! 37 weeks...she could be here any day now! :) though I rather her stay in there a couple of more weeks so I can be assured shes healthy & perfect! at my 36 week appt the Midwife estimated her to be a little over 5lbs
Maternity Clothes?  not one thing surprisingly, never thought Id be sporting non-preggo clothes this late in my pregnancy..but hey, better for my wallet...maternity clothes are pricey!
Weight Gain? 33 pounds - ouch!
Stretch Marks? I check everyday - still nothing! THANK YOU LORD
Sleep? whats that? heres my routine...down to sleep at 10PM the latest/5 pillows to get comfortable/up for bathroom/ down again/ up to switch position/ down again/ up for bathroom/etc...catch the drift? 
Food Cravings? cereal..especially the sugary kinds! cinnamon toast crunch, frosted flakes
What I Miss? having energy, my Independence... its getting tough to put on shoes, bend down to pick something up...I hate asking Danny for help every 5 seconds...I cant vacuum, clean the bathrooms, lift the laundry basket...etc..Hubby has been wonderful with taking over those duties. ( Thanks babe)
Symptoms?  get this...we're in the middle of the supermarket & I get a pain in my back... definitely my siatic nerve...this pain had me bent over in the middle of the aisle with Hubs rubbing my back. I didn't care who was looking at us funny. IT HURT!
Best Moment of the Week? washing her clothes & picturing her in them

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