Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Last weekend of February..

Everyday we say to ourselves  "hmm could today be the day shes born?"

I wish I knew exactly when shes going to decide to come meet us, but since there is no way of knowing we have been enjoying our time together as a couple, things are about to change big time!

This weekend, we went to this awesome sushi joint in Phoenix near Dans office called
 "How do you roll?" its like the subway of sushi, you pick what you want & they roll it for ya right there..it was delicious!! 

The area where this restaurant is located was absolutely gorgeous, some of the most amazing neighborhoods & homes I've ever seen, we kept saying how we're going to make a goal to buy our next home there, since the weather was beautiful..everyone was outside on their porch, playing with their kids, gardening..ect. It was the perfect little neighborhood.

One sweet lady came up to me and asked about my pregnancy & offered us some of her homegrown lemons as she had a surplus, we took a bunch since our lemon tree is still a baby and only has about 6 lemons right now...nothing like homegrown! they smell amazing.

Another man who was gardening, gave us a brief history of the town & offered us some water as he told us to enjoy our walk...seriously, I cant believe how friendly & kind these people were

Sure as hell wouldn't meet people like this in NY.

Sofia helping uncle plant flowers

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