Friday, June 15, 2012


I woke up this morning wishing for a nap & rethinking my gym venture last night that ended with chasing a stray kitten around the gyms parking lot...(don't ask) I'm a sucker for animals, and though hubs & I are not a cat people...I would have take this little guy home if he let me catch him.

Speaking of going to the gym, I was browsing through my hospital paperwork the other day and saw that I weighted 132 the day I went into labor...which means....I gained exactly 40lbs. (GASP!) I'm not that far off from my pre-baby weight but they're not kidding when they say the last 10lbs are the hardest to loose. So 2 weeks ago I reunited with the gym, and for some extra motivation I go with my fitness guru sister. It's nice for us to get a mini break from our kiddos too.

I'm excited the weekend! 
Here are what we have planned:

1. Celebrate Dan's 1st Fathers day, no fancy plans...I got him a small gift and would like to take him out to brunch at our favorite place...Chelseas Kitchen. Then just some family time would be nice.

2. I've started a new crafty project in Sienna's room - will share when its done :)

3. we're picking out and buying a wood floor for our living room & foyer area, our moms are yelling at us for getting rid of carpet having Sienna... They both claim we'll be sorry we did it as soon as she falls and bumps her head when starting to walk...maybe so, but I'm not gonna think about what I may be sorry about a year from now.

4. I have 7 different ETSY orders that I need to put together & get shipped, I'm so excited this little business of mine is going so well! who would have thought...I'm going to be expanding to other baby items... I have lots of cute ideas...I just need the time & a sowing machine :)

5. we're having some friends over for dinner and for some pool lounging

6. we're going to try to start our little herb garden...we finally established a spot for it in our yard...being super indecisive this 1st step took way longer than it should have

7. I wanted to go browsing at IKEA, but I don't know if I'm brave enough to deal with the weekend crows there...we'll see.

8. Plan meals for the week, go food shopping, clean the house - this is something we do every weekend

9. Watch soccer! POLAND is playing! wouldn't miss this game for anything, Soccer is the one and only sport I can sit through and actually enjoy...I guess growing up in Europe has something to do with that.

10. Hopefully I get to squeeze in a nap - it would be a miracle. 

I hope everyone has a great weekend!!!

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