Wednesday, June 13, 2012

3 Months old

Dear Sweet Sienna,
You are three months old today!

I love the the age you are now, so cooey, giggly & just loving life
We are so in love with you & your constant smiles

Your Daddy will probably kill me for telling the world this...but the other day while we were in Whole Foods, he got teary eyed looking at you while you slept so sweetly...he looked at you then up at me and said " I cant believe how perfect she is" and wiped a tear...of course that got me all choked up was such a beautiful moment and I'll never forget it.

You really light up our lives in every way and I need a tissue right about now...don't worry, happy tears...happiest of them all.

Whenever we are out with you, your Daddy always wants to push you in the stroller and I always get stuck with the shopping cart...but its ok I let him because I love seeing how proud he is when he pushes you.

Your eyes are still very blue,
 we keep wondering if they're here to stay or if you'll have mamas brown, either way you are one gorgeous little girl & everyone says so...its not just us being bias :)

This month was a big one in terms for milestones & discoveries.
Your legs & arms are constantly moving 
You are fascinated by your hands and fingers
you started to drool and some say its a start of teething, I hope its not because I am so obsessed with your 'gummy' smile I'm not ready for you to have teeth yet!

You have great head control and turn over like a pro on tummy time
You love watching your cousin be silly and hyper
You love grabbing and pulling the toys on your activity mat, it keeps you entertained for a little while and that's when Mamma catches up on some quick house work or lunch.

You don't have another well visit at the doctors until next month but if I were to guess, you're probably around 12lbs now and 25 inches. Some of your 3M footie pjs are too tight on your legs because you're so tall and it makes me sad.. you have the cutest of clothes that you probably wont wear too long if at all.

You dont sleep through the night just yet, still waking up around 1 and 5AM
but boy are you smiley when you wake up.

I can't wait to see what the next month holds, each day is like a new adventure watching you discover things

We love you,
more than you'll ever know.
 -Mama & Daddy

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