Friday, June 8, 2012

Cousin playtime.

I love watching Sofia trying to intact with Sienna,  she doesn't really understand why she wont respond to her but shes still so sweet and tries regardless.

Yesterday when Sienna was in tummy time, Sofia laid down next to her and said
 "come on baby cousin, play with me...lets be snakes" and she drags herself across the room making "sssssss" sounds. Then looks at Sienna who obviously is still in the same spot, then looks at me and says " I don't think baby cousin likes being  snakes" 

few more months and they can actually play :) 
For now, Sienna just curiously watches Sofia

Climbing her crib to say "goodnight"

Giving her the paci whenever she gets fussy

I love when she smiles in her sleep, 
I hope it means shes having the sweetest of dreams

I love these girls SO very much!

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