Monday, June 4, 2012

a week with the In-Laws

This past week Dan's parents & brother came to visit, 
it was their first time in Arizona and they were very impressed, and even looking into retiring here. 

Cheers to that!

Having them here was actually quite entertaining,
 I missed hearing that super heavy NY accent and the outrageous funny things my MIL would say.

They all fell in love with Sienna, of course :)
and she gave them huge smiles right back as if she knew who they were & crazy they were about her...I think her uncle Perry was her favorite!

We showed them our first apartment and took them to all of our favorite places, one night they baby sat so we can go on a date, we saw "what to expect when you're expecting" It was so funny how we sat in the theater with our phones in our hands the whole movie, unconsciously checking for any calls or texts from the "baby sitters" every 5 minutes.

 blue eyes like her grandmas...

Dimple just like her Uncle...

Sienna's 1st trip to the Zoo
♥ giraffes
Brothers catching up

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