Monday, December 10, 2012

I'm a bit of a Grinch....

While everyone is soaking up the Christmas spirit,
 I find myself a little sad around this time of year

I know I sound like a total Grinch,
 and while I'm certain moving as far away as possible from NY was the best decision, its hard for me around the holidays. I miss the smells coming out of the kitchen while my mom cooked, the Polish Christmas Carols that my dad always blasted and just the feel of HOME during Christmas is what I miss most.

We debated weather or not to fly back...almost booked tickets actually, Danny put the ultimate decision on me...and while it sounded real nice to just get on the plane and go, the rational part of me realized that it wasn't as easy as is why:

1. The drastic climate change can make us or baby sick...making it miserable for everyone
2. If we shell out $850 dollars in tickets now...we probably wont be able to go in the summer when Sienna is walking and can actually play outside and have fun
3. Id have to buy her a whole winter woredrobe - she doesnt own super warm clothes & coats 
4. Sienna is horrible on 10 minute car rides to the store, what the heck would she do on a 5 hour plane ride? shes not the best sleeper either
5. crows, lines, delays, possible snow storm airport strandings
6. I'm still exclusively pumping and traveling with a 20 lbs pump in my carry on is no fun on top of being tied down to pumping itself.
7. Charlie

I want Sienna to have a perfect first Christmas, I have to snap out of this for her sake and make the best of it as the three of us.

Anyone have any cute traditions to share that we could start with her? 

This past weekend, I finally started decorating. We got a tree & hubby gave me my Christmas present early :) 

I'm slowing "de-grinching" haha


  1. I can relate to your Grinchy feelings! The holiday season isn't all smiles and fun.....on the flip side, your decorations look amazing! xoxo

    1. Thanks so much,glad I'm not the only grinchy :)

  2. When we were young, we always got to open one gift on Christmas Eve. It was always brand new, cozy jammies. And on Christmas Eve, we always read a book together, as a family. It was always the same one every year... The Night Before Christmas.

    1. aw I like that!! <3 thank you for the idea

  3. I'm intrigued....what was your early present? ;)
    This is going to be the first year I don't spend having Christmas dinner with my family, and I'm feeling really pants about it, too, but I'm also excited that we're cooking our own dinner, and starting a whole new tradition :) We have a tradition, we make each other a little box for Christmas eve...he usually buys me new slippers, pajamas and a hot chocolate or egg nog set, and a christmas dvd. In his, I usually get socks (embarrassingly festive ones, of course!) some comfy trousers or pj's, a nice little chocolate gift from Hotel Chocolate, and a mulled wine. It's our Christmas eve present and it's just all things to do on Christmas eve...cuddle up in the nice new pj's, warm hot chocolate or mulled wine, watch the christmas dvd and eat the chocolate :)

    1. my present was a new camera :) :)

      your tradition sounds perfect - I need to think of something cute since its Sienna's first Christmas

  4. I know how you feel. My family and my husband's family are all far away so we spend Christmas on our own her in the Dominican Republic. Last year it was just the two of us and I was really pregnant. This year we have Alidia so we want it to be special for her, but it can be a bit sad without family around! :( Hope you manage to find joy in the holidays this year even without family close by!!! An early christmas gift must have helped! ;)

    - Fiona

    1. aw sounds like we are on the same boat, are you doing anything special for Alidia? I wanted to start some sort of cute tradition for Sienna


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