Thursday, December 27, 2012

what my 9 month old eats

This month little Sienna entered the "picky eating" and "I refuse to eat anything" moods


This pickyness has been pretty bad lately. We have been strict with what she eats from day juice, no junk, avoiding gluten and buying all organic produce. I have been making her purees but shes starting to only want things she can feed herself.

Breakfast: for breakfast she has yogurt mixed with mashed banana or a fruit puree. Sometimes Kefir in a sippy cup. This stuff she loves and isnt usually picky about. On weekends when I have Dans help, I make her gluten free pancakes that she loves. I cut them into small pieces and she feeds herself. They're made with coconut flour, ground flaxseed, cocnut oil, egg, vanilla.

Lunch: This is where I try to sneak in veggies. I started to adding cinnamon to certain purees to make it more tasty for her...recent favorite is sweet potato & cinnamon  or Apple, carrot, cinnamon. I swore I would never do this, but sometimes I have to trick her with a snack...she opens wide thinking shes getting a yogurt melt but instead I sneak in a spoonful of makes for a priceless facial expression too since its not what shes expecting.

Since shes big on feeding herself, I like to steam up some big pieces of broccoli or string beans or asparagus and let her hold it and bite pieces off


Dinner: usually a meat, if she cant have what we're eating for dinner we cook her chicken in coconut oil, sometimes some sourdough bread with butter or pieces of cheese and when all fails, she gets more yogurt for dinner because that she wont refuse.

to make life easier, I portion her chicken when I buy it then freeze it. When I need one serving for her...I just take one ziplock out and its enough for a dinner and lunch the next day for her, that way I always have it on hand and don't have to defrost a whole lot but just enough

There is a farmers market 5 mins from us every Saturday and where we get fresh baked sourdough bread (practically gluten free)...her second favorite thing to eat. Who doesn't love carbs?

3rd favorite thing to eat...soups & stews which I make often anyway because I'm a huge fan myself

here is a Sienna serving of homemade Chicken soup

snacks:  she loves these, they save us during cranky times in restaurants and I don't feel guilty giving them to her because they're 100% fruit

what she drinks: she still drinks pumped breast-milk throughout the day of course with drops of DHA & vitamin D added. In her sippy cup she gets coconut water & kefir

& a typical face when trying something new - isnt she a riot? 

any mamas have any healthy suggestions? 
 Id love some! :)


  1. I'm interested in cooking things in coconut oil. does it give the coconut flavor in your food?

    1. yeah kinda but for baby is great because it makes things sort of sweeter for them

  2. Im having a hard time with isabella as well she only wants yogurt melts and "puff" type snacks..i havnt thought of making her chicken noodle soup but will be trying it tomorrow for sure :)

  3. if I let her, puffs would be all Sienna ate too haha babies just love those things! her pickyness has been awful lately. I hope its just a phase. Let me know how she likes the chicken noodle soup!

  4. I've never heard of those 100% fruit snacks. I will have to try them.


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