Monday, December 31, 2012

Psychic Medium - Part 2

After hubs had his reading  we booked one for my mom, who really needed it.

Remember that  2010 volcano eruption in Greenland that put so much smoke &debris in the air it suspended flights to Europe?

well, that's when my Grandma mom couldn't fly to Poland to be there for her last few days of life or for her funeral. She never got to say goodbye and she carries such guilt over that.

 she hoped to get some sort of closure through this reading, and she did just that.

I have the conversation recorded, 
So as I play it back I will mention some of the good parts.

Thomas: who is Christopher?
Mom: my son
Thomas: did he work a lot last month?
because your Mother wants him to know she was watching over him and is proud of him for helping so many people

My brother is a cop, even on his days off he was out helping people after hurricane Sandy.
Again, Thomas.... doesn't know anything about our family

Thomas: Someone in the family is pregnant, but they don't know it yet. Shes not going further into it but it will be known soon enough

I took a pregnancy test after this HA! phew negative. Very curious though, I have lots of girl cousins in Poland so maybe one of them. We shall see.

Thomas: your mother is at peace, she found who she needed to find on the other side. She's  there with another woman

We are assuming the other woman is my Aunt who passed away from cancer in 2006

Thomas: your mother is saying that she wished she had one last goodbye but shes acknowledging that it wasn't your fault you didn't she wants you to know that
Mom: :::crying:::

Thomas: she says you are always looking for some sort of sign to know shes there
Mom: that's exactly what I do!
Thomas: know shes with you all the time in spirit

Mom: what does she see for me, for my future?
Thomas: shes telling me that you will be moving. Not soon but definitely sees a move...maybe 3-5 years.

My dad retires in 3 years exactly and they plan to move to Arizona

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  1. This really is freaking me out now! I might get one for a friend or family member and see what he says! If he does international readings that is - lol! I'm totally spooked by it!


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