Thursday, December 13, 2012

3/4 to a year

My Dear Sienna,

you are 9 months old today!

This past month has been your biggest one yet! you've done SO many new things that  just amaze your Daddy and me. You are one SMART girl!!

you keep adding new words to your vocabulary and the best're picking up Polish! which makes me so so happy. Its so important to me that you know your roots and my goal before you were born was to teach you Polish, and sure enough you're already got some words under your belt.

When you're in your high chair feeding yourself you shout "daj! daj! daj!" if you want more of what you're eating, or you'll shake your head and say "nie nie nie"

Daj = Polish for 'give me'
nie= Polish for 'no'

We are trying to expose you to both languages, so we mix it up. We call you by your Polish name of Sienka and I feel like thats what is going to stick when you're older too

Sometimes we call you Neni, and that is the name your cousin Sofia gave you when you were in my belly & she was too little to pronounce Sienna. We thought it was so cute we keep calling you that. My other nick name for you is stringbean, because you're long and skinny!

you have your well-visit today so I'll fill in your stats later
I predict that you're close to but not over 16lbs and 29" long (yep string bean indeed)

Your appetite picked up this month (thank goodness) 
your favorite thing to eat is yogurt, its a good way for me to sneak in some veggie purees..You never could tell, it just tastes like flavored yogurt to you ;)

Your sleep went from horrible to horrid,
 but I'll leave that for another post.

1st bath in the big tub! you hardly knew what to do with yourself with all that room to splash

I have no idea why, but you're obsessed with wet washcloths - you try to suck the water out of them and when I take it away you throw a screaming fit like nothing else

 whats up with that? are you thirsty or something? does Burts Bees make their baby body wash appealing to your taste buds? I have no idea but given a cookie and wash cloth, you would definitely chose washcloth.

You are something else I tell ya...
which leads me to your next favorite thing to do...make crazy faces & noises

 You always make me laugh with your sillyness!

One of my favorite things you do is give kisses when asked, you open your mouth like a little birdie and you lean towards your mama or dada - melts us everytime.

today you were fulling on your gate yelling for dada, sick of mamas face all day? that's ok - I'm glad you miss your daddy because he texts me everyday from work saying how much he misses you.

2 weeks ago, was the first time we left you with someone for more than an hour - we went to a wedding & you stayed with you auntie Kate. You cried for mama as we were leaving and it totally put a damper on my night and I told myself I'm not leaving you again ( I'm sure I'll have to eventually) but atleast not for a while.

Sienna in a nutshell - 12/13/12

Your favorite toys these days: my phone, pump tubes, little specs of dirt you somehow find on the floor, your nose sucky thing, shoes, scrunchies ( you think its funny that you can pull them and it snaps back)

its the only way we can eat in peace at restaurants

Your favorite toys aren't toys, I'm sure you will love the wrapping paper of your Christmas presents way more than the actual toys.

well I think that's it, If i think of anymore of your shenanigan, I'll be sure to report them here :)

we love you string bean!

Here is a little movie I made of us getting ready for Christmas :)

Sienna's 1st Christmas -2012


  1. I love love love your blog I want my blog tobe as cute as yours ugh!!!!!!!

  2. She is going to appreciate this so much when she's older :) I'd love to hear about how I grew up stage by stage! This is such a wonderful thing to do for her; no.1 mamma :)

  3. So cute my son loves wash cloths also & is a horrid sleeper I don't know what else to do.


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