Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Psychic Medium reading

I was a skeptic until a couple of weeks ago.

My hubby does Graphic Design work for a 'Celebrity Psychic Medium" in NYC. They never actually met in person and their conversations were always strictly business related

One day, Thomas offered to give Danny a reading over the phone kind of as a Thank you for his work, (nice guy)....Now mind you Danny isn't a believer in the after life, spirits, ghosts, heaven...none of that stuff...but he though eh why not what do I have to loose.

This guy has a really good reputation and read people like Jenifer Lopez, Courtney Cox, ect

Anyway, it was a Saturday afternoon and we happen to be at a friends house when he called to give Danny his session

30 seconds into the phone call my non believer husbands jaw was on the floor

Thomas connected with Dan's beloved Grandmother who passed away in 2001, the things he knew he couldn't have known otherwise

I recorded some of the conversation with my phone and jot down what stuck out the most, so as I'm listening to the recording I'll share some of what was said...

Thomas: did you and your wife break up for a period of time before you were married because she was unsure?
Dan: yes
Thomas: well your grandma wants you to know that she brought you back together

(I started crying at this point, he couldn't have known this on his own...he doesn't know us or that the reason we broke up was because of me...and she brought us back together...wow)

Thomas: are you planning another child? 
Dan: not at the moment, but yes soon
Thomas: well your grandma is showing me another girl, a boy and another girl

(this made me excited - I've always wanted 2 girls & a boy)

Thomas: she wants you to know shes very aware of your child and is often around her. Shes showing me blue eyes and that she connects with your daughters. When you look at them she wants you to think of her

(Sienna's blues are even more special to us now, they are her great grandmas)

Thomas: who is the 'P' 'E' name?
Dan: my brother, Perry
Thomas: the person he is currently dating, he will end up marrying. He will also start his own business down the road

( we always said that! he was never as serious with anyone as he is with his current girlfriend)

Thomas: shes telling me shes so happy you traveled to her place of birth to connect with your roots and that you visited the place her and grandpa met

(they met in Auschwitz, the concentration camp where Dan & I visited in 2007)

He said he can sometimes see the spirits and Grandma showed herself, vaguely but he saw her and described her to the very last detail. It was incredible. There was a lot more family detail that wouldn't be fascinating to anyone but family, so I wouldn't bore you with it but everything made total sense...he knew about a necklace Dan's mom saved from Grandma, little things that noone else would know. I'm gifting my parents a reading from Thomas, they are suppose to have it this Saturday. I hope my Grandma steps forward, its all my mom ever wanted...to hear from her, one last time.

Here is Danny with his dear grandma


  1. So amazing I've always wanted to get a reading for my mother in law I think she needs it.

  2. Wow. This is incredible!! Makes me want to have a reading too!!

  3. I saw a medium about a month ago- read about it on my blog. It was a truly life changing experience and I have become a believer after hearing from my dad. So amazing. I am glad youand Dan got so much out of it!

  4. Wow, that is amazing! I have always thought about doing something like this, since my dad passed away when I was 19. I would love to know if he and my daughter have connected in some way!

  5. Oh wow this is incredible! I've never been a believer but ever since my father passed away earlier this year, I want to give it a try!

  6. Wow, what an amazing story. Is Danny a believer now? I would imagine, yes! I lost my dad in HS and have always wanted to connect w/him but I've been skeptical. Good to know that some "mediums" are the real deal.

  7. This is crazy! I've never been a believer in this, and am still sceptical, but like you said... how could he have known otherwise?! I'm really curious now. I want one!

  8. What a great story! You guys should watch Long Island Medium on TLC its an amazing show

  9. I love that show! never fails to make me cry

  10. Wow! I've never really believed in that stuff but I'm amazed at all the stuff he knew.

  11. Wow! I would love to know how I can get a reading myself? I always wanted to know about my grandmother who passed away 2 years ago it will mean so much to my family.

  12. How did the reading go with your parents? I'm so curious now.

  13. Do you have any idea about phone bills from the UK to NY? I want to gift one of these and they told me that the price is the same, the only difference is we have to ring him instead of him ring us. I'm worried a 30 min call might end up costing me food for a month!


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