Thursday, February 7, 2013

losing the post baby bump!

This mama has been workin' on her fitness, eating clean and trying to get rid of this leftover baby bump... because a baby bump after baby is no longer cute.

Especially when my baby is 10 months old {*sniff*} and the scale is still screaming at me that I have 10 more pounds to go!

ideally 15 more, but the goal is 10 by March 12th  - f i v e  weeks to go!

I never really talked about my weight loss & gain on this blog. Weight is such a tricky subject that comes with judgement and sharp comments

Pre pregnancy I was around 93lbs...before you gasp remember that I'm hardly 5ft tall
I gained a whopping 42 lbs with Sienna
and I'm currently 108

Since I stopped pumping I feel the weight coming back on fast, since I'm no longer burning those extra calories so I knew I had to make some new changes.

Thanks to Pintrest I found some great fitness articles as well as a few healthy recipes that have inspired me to make the necessary changes in my life to become a healthier me. I will admit I'm having a very tough time giving up sweets, my biggest weakness! I think the key is just not to have any in the house, because if its there....I'll eat it.

cant wait to make these

Super skinny is not the goal.

I want to be Healthier and feel good

and I will  :)


  1. Ah Joanna, this post was written just for me!!
    I weighed 119lbs at my wedding, 125lbs when I fell pregnant, I put on 48lbs during my pregnancy and I am now 134lbs.

    I set a goal to get back down to 125lbs by SJ's 1st birthday on 13 April but it is so hard!!!

  2. ahh its so hard!! any tips you can share? its so tough to find the time and energy to exercise

  3. Oh man my daughter just turned 1 last month and with the stopping of pumping the weight has been coming back on also and makes me depressed :) I'd love to hear anything good you find. I started the 30 day shred this week hoping it helps. But sweets are also my weakness.

  4. I like that fitness plans! Switches things up! Maybe I'll have to join you on that! I've lost the baby weight from Tindra but not Jasper but I don't expect to be that size again since I was 20 when I got pregnant with him and I have some hips now but I'd still like to lose another 5-7. ANd now I'm scared to stop nursing- didn't even think about weight coming back!!

  5. Good for you for working so hard on this! I get so discouraged when I think of how much baby weight I have to lose... 14 months later!!

  6. Thanks for following my blog! Why is the last 10 pounds the hardest to lose?! My daughter is almost 2 and I still have those 10 lbs left I wish you the best of luck and hope you meet your goal in March.

  7. love your blog! I'm a new mom too, my daughter is 10 weeks and I'm trying to loose the baby weight as follower :)

  8. Loving your blog!! :)

  9. Wow you're still tiny at 103!!!! I wish I was that tiny =) I used to be back in the day and I have no clue where all this extra weight came from. But even 10 lb over can make a huge difference! Good luck with your goal. At least you can say that having a baby is your reason and the best reason =) so glad to have just found your blog! Thanks for stopping by!


Your sweet words always make my day! :) Thank you.