Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Sometimes being a mom...

It is the hardest job that didn't require a resume, license or interview
Its the only job with no vacation days, sick days or mental health days
Its the only job that pays in love & tears
its the only job you would never trade for another

Sometimes its bliss
Sometimes it sucks
but it all makes life so worthwhile

Bliss mom moments....

when your kid will try new food
smile included

when they drift off to sleep
looking peaceful & and you just cant help but stare

Their 1st steps,
 watching them wobble around

moments like these

crappy mom moments...

when they're teething or whiny for no reason at all 
and nothing you do makes them happy

when they wont sleep turning you into a sleep deprived zombie mom

when you see perfectly behaved children in the grocery store as yours is being a nightmare

when they give you a hard time during diaper changes, as if dealing with the horrendous diaper smells wasn't hard enough

when the lovely meal you just made them ends up on the floor or fed to the dog

when they pull out handfuls of your hair that's already falling out like crazy

when they fall down and hurt themselves makes you wish kissing boo boos really did make them all better

Sometimes being a mom is the best patience & unconditional love lesson life can give.


  1. So true!!! With all the crappy mom moments though, we wouldn't trade it for anything!!

  2. Wow Jo - spoken from a true mom! Such a wonderful post, thank you for sharing.
    It's all about the ups and downs, the tears and giggles.
    Have to admit though, the good far outweighs the bad... ALWAYS!

  3. Look at her standing on her own what a big girl!!

  4. i couldn't agree more about motherhood. it's the best. xx


Your sweet words always make my day! :) Thank you.