Friday, February 15, 2013

Reliving a Nightmare

I'm going to share a story with you that I haven't really spoke about or told many people, as a matter of fact I tried to completely erase it from my mind as it haunts me to this day.

Here we go...

After our wedding, my parents & oldest sister flew back to Arizona with us to spend some more time together and since we had just gotten a house there was room for them to stay a while comfortably. The excitement of the trip, the wedding & just being together with the family had everyone in a wonderful mood....that quickly changed.

We got in the evening and the following morning my sister & Sofia came over. My mom was in my kitchen cooking something up as usual, Danny & my dad were out in Lowe's getting things to fix our sprinkler system and both my sisters, Sofia and I rushed upstairs to the computer to look at pictures from the wedding.

The weather in Arizona is perfect at the end of September so my parents slept with the window opened in the spare bedroom/office. The breeze was perfect.

Sofias favorite thing to do when she came over was to climb up on the window ledge and put on a dance show and she was doing just that, as we had our faces buried in the computer screen looking at photos.

She started tapping on the window which is a no no, so the 3 of us look up to tell her to stop and we witness possibly the most horrifying sight ever....

Since the window was opened, she was tapping on the screen which is barely attached....just popped in so it could be pushed out with no was so late to stop her

when we looked up...all we saw was her legs as she was falling out. It happened so fast, split second not giving us a chance to even react.. all we could do is scream at the top of our fact we stood there and screamed for a good 20 seconds before even looking out the window with fear of what we may see.

I couldnt even run downstairs, I felt as if my legs were no longer working. Jello. 
I stood there screaming, then praying. My sister had ran down already and before she even made it out the front door, I heard Sofia cry. THANK GOD, she was crying. She was gonna be ok.  I got the steght to go downstairs, I ran outside and she was laying in my driveway...a little disoriented with some blood in her mouth.

I attempted to call 911 but I couldn't even tell them my address or my name...I could hardly talk

My neighbors ran over after hearing our screaming, and assured me she was gonna be ok. All I remember is him telling me over and over that his wife was a nurse and that crying means shes fine and to calm down. He took my phone helped me get an ambulance over. They arrived in under 5 minutes, a bunch of firetrucks what for I don't know and an ambulance.

Before they got there, my sister had brought her into the house and laid her on the couch. Thinking back now, that probably wasn't a smart move....When the EMTs arrived, about 10 of them surrounded Sofia and she was scared, I was hysterically crying along with her.

My other sister, had to get Sofias dad - he worked from home at the time (3 mins away) but had his phone off that day...go figure.

When they put her in the ambulance  they didn't allow me to sit in the back with her. Only one person was allowed. So I rode in the front, the EMT was so nice and was tried to calm me down. It was a long ride - my sister requested she be taken to Phoenix Childrens hospital....half hour minutes away.

They took her to get x-rays and she was looking at me crying wanting me to go with her....I couldn't because I was pregnant and that killed me. I wanted to be there for her. They had me sit in a room and wait, I almost went crazy

Moments after my Dad & Danny came running in. My dad was angry' 3 adults in a room and she falls out a window?!' IT WAS AN ACCIDENT DAD.

I started to get really upset again after that, as if I didn't feel horrible & guilty as it is. My dad was no help. The x-rays & exam was taking forever, I started to get really bad cramps....I thought I was going to have a miscarriage but I didn't know how to calm down. Danny literary dragged me out of that hospital and made me go home to lay down.

Sofia had a hairline fracture on her sternum, the doctors said she was very lucky. The blood in her mouth was from biting her tongue during the fall, she had one small bruise and came home that evening. My sisters truck in my driveway broke her fall we think, not sure because she was laying in the driveway...but its possible she bounced off the hood of the car first. 

this was that same day, 
we brought her new toys & thanked god she was ok, happy & laughing.

Since the accident, we replaced the windows throughout the house & put in child proof locks. No window upstairs can open more than five inches. I used to love my window ledge and I had big plans for it...I wanted to put a cushion & pillows make it all cute, now every time I look at it I'm reminded of that day...Sofia still remembers it too, sometimes she says to me "do you remember when I fell out your window and had to go to the hospital?" Yes Sofia, I remember thought I really would like to forget.

It took me 3 weeeks to type this, I kept having to stop. To think what could have happened kills me but I wanted to share this story so everyone know that things like this can happen and they only take a second. So please please please secure your windows!!


  1. Wow. I just got chills reading this! I cannot imagine the fear, horror, and absolute devastation you all felt as you saw it happened and rushed to the hospital. God was really watching out for little Sofia that day and I am so happy she is such a strong, healthy little girl! Thank you for sharing this!

  2. Oh my, how scary. I am so glad she is ok!!!

  3. Wowowow. I can't even imagine seeing that happen and how I would react to the same thing. Definitely glad you shared and will not be opening windows upstairs, especially in G's room. Such a scary situation and I am SO glad everything turned out as it did.

  4. I am totally crying reading this. I can't even imagine. Thank God your niece is OK!

  5. My heart is just pounding reading this. What a scary ordeal and I am SOOO glad that she ended up being ok. I can't imagine what that sight looked like, and I'm sure it's one you will never forget.

  6. That's awful! I am so glad she is okay. I am sure this was really difficult to read, but yes. accidents happen. One of my blogging friend's daughter was hit by a truck this week. She wrote about it here:

  7. Oh wow. But you know.... all is well that ends well.

  8. Oh my goodness. How scary! So glad everything is okay!

  9. So glad she is okay and thank you for sharing! x

  10. Oh my.. this is so scary. I can't imagine how every one felt in that moment. I am so thankful that it turned out the way it did.

  11. I got chills reading this post. It's unbelievable how fast our lives can change, in a blink of an eye everything can be different. I'm so happy she is okay and I'm terribly sorry that this happened to y'all but it's true, accidents happen.


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