Friday, February 22, 2013

one track mind

right now I'm focused on all -things-1st-birthday

its though job I have - throwing a perfect enough party for a little girl who lights up my world in more way than I can even express!! lots of pressure on mama to make it turn out perfect, because that's what she deserves.

So in the midst of burning my fingers with hot glue guns, gluing birthday banners, perfecting cake frosting & preparing the house for a massive amounts of guests we managed to sneak in a cake smash/1st bday session, capturing these little milestones is so important to me as she wont remember a thing about her first birthday.

 I'm working on a time capsule box for her, that I'll share with you guys when I'm a little closer to being done with it.

Until then, back to all things 1st Birthday
3 weeks to go!

check out this party pooper
we tried to practice wearing the hat
I'll be lucky if she keeps this hat on for 5 mins at her party


  1. That face is priceless! She's such a doll! (:

  2. Love the party hat! I'm sure her party will be amazing!

  3. Cute hat. Can't wait to see pictures of the party. I've already started planning my little one's first which is in August!

  4. look at that face!! haha cute!! I can't wait to see pictures!!


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