Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Sofia & Sienna

I remember when Sienna was first born, I was so afraid of Sofia unintentionally hurting her. I wouldn't let her out of my sight whenever she was near Sienna. She was never jealous or mean just a little rough sometimes. Now, Sofia has become the sweetest, most affectionate little helper. One of my favorite things to do is watch them interact...they will for sure be best friends.

She has been saying the most darling things to her lately,  I just have to write them down before I forget. I think they will both one day enjoy looking back at this.

Sofia: I want a baby sister Sydney & Dylan have one (her little friends)
Me: well you have your cousin Sienna, shes like your little sister
Sofia: I want a sister that I can take home to play with- lets go to the store and buy one
Me: where do they sell baby sisters?
Sofia: I don't know...maybe Target

Sofia: baby Sienna just told me that she wants to go to the park, can we go?
Me: oh yeah? I didn't hear her say that
Sofia: she told me in my ear

Sofia: wow baby cousin you have teeth! you are just full of surprises arent you little baby
 (as she pats her on the head)

Sofia: where is baby Sienna? (when she first comes over)
Me: She's sleeping
Sofia (10 minutes later) - I think she's ready to wake up now she must really want to play with me

Sofia: come walk to me baby Sienna I will catch you if you fall down
(as she sticks her arms out)

got more cookies in there?


  1. oh my lord I love the photos but that video is the best! It is so precious! They are so sweet together... Love it!

  2. Aww I've always worried about this for when we decide to have another one. So sweet!


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