Saturday, March 16, 2013


Here is a little bit about my ONE year old this month
stats, details and of course pictures!

She is a full time walker, no more crawling. 
In fact shes trying to master running now giving mama a heart attack every time.

I wished for her to walk by her 1st Birthday, and she delivered a month early :)

At her 1 year well visit yesterday we were told that shes advanced with her speech (proud mama over here) she says lots of words and even 2 word sentences like "hi Charlie" "thank you" "nie ma" (no more in polish)

One of my favorite things she learned was to ask to eat when shes hungry because she actually eats everything then. This morning when we woke up we went right to playtime, at one point she dropped her toys...came to me and said "niam niam" asking to eat. Then proceeded to eat a bigger breakfast than me :)

At the grocery store she points to strawberries and excitedly says "niam niam" and tries to get them out of the package....her favorite food!

Height: 30.5" (90th percentile)
Weight: 17lbs 1oz (10th percentile)
shoes size: 3

super model in the model in the making?

has 5 chompers that we started brushing already, 
always been fascinated with toothbrushes so shes loving this.

3 on top
2 on the bottom

Dancing - as soon as she hears music her booty starts moving
playing outside - thank goodness for nice weather
other kids - playdates galore
books - hands you ones she wants read
avocado ( eats half of one at breakfast)
baby Eisenstein

diaper changes
car rides
the word "no"
most foods - ha I wish I was kidding

Obsessed with this little shopping cart at Trader Joes, 
scream fest when we had to go home

Loves sitting in her little Chair while munching on apples
 (Thanks Auntie Monica) 

Our best birthday gift, by far


stayed tuned for birthday party details part 2 post :)

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