Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Unexplainable toddlers

Toddlers are confusing, they are free-willed little boogers who are simultaneously ridiculously adorable and ridiculously challenging. I swear God made them this way, with a balance of annoying and awesome so that they can keep you on your toes just long enough before you break but then melt you into a pile of mush with their sweet little kisses and unexpected hugs.

Sienna is not a brat per say, but sometimes her independence makes her seem that way. She'll try to put on her shoes and if I try to help she gets mad, pushes me away and throws the shoe. I try not to laugh but dang sometimes her wanting to be self sufficient already cracks me up.

Sometimes she'll go to bed without any fuss and sometimes she has the most epic bedtime meltdowns you'd think world war III just started here

Sometimes she'll sleep 8 hours straight and other times shes up screaming after just being down for 30 minutes

Sometimes she'll eat amazingly well, healthy & balanced making mama proud scarfing down brocoli and other days, most days...she wants nothing to do with normal food and would prefer nothing but puffs or a bowl of blueberries. Is it her teeth? is she being stubborn? OH that's right.

 she's a TODDLER. 

Some trips to Target are a breeze, she blissfully sits in the cart saying "hiiiiii" to everyone who passes by and then out of nowhere the fidgety get-me-outta-heres begin and the judgmental eyes of strangers are on you. I'm learning that toddlerhood comes with a lot of those eyes and I'm remembering that at once those eyes were once mine before I knew how it could be and would be. How my perfect sweet angel would start exercising her freedom and will

Oh my toddler girl  

 I don't think I'll ever let this girl out of the house 
when shes a teenager.


  1. This is all so true! I was telling my husband the other day that Chloe can frustrate me so much, yet in an instant she does something cute and I'm all smiles again. They are so unpredictable!

  2. You are such a good and fun writer :) I love your blog

  3. The hardest time for me with Bri was 18-22ish months. It's getting (a little) easier, but we still have our moments. You are such a great mama! love your blog!


Your sweet words always make my day! :) Thank you.