Friday, August 30, 2013

Parents, be careful

Yesterday evening, we went out to dinner with friends who have a girl close to Sienna's age. The girls were hyper during dinner so we decided to go to a nearby park to let them play. They were giggling chasing each other and having a blast...naturally.

Sienna recently learned to go down the slide on her own so she was all about it. Our friends daughter wanted to go down a big slide, so her father took her in his lap and went down with her - seconds later she was creaming. We thought she banged her foot but after crying for 20 mins...something was really they rushed her to urgent care where an x- ray confirmed she broke her tibia.

Now- this is the second friends child that this happened to this summer so I really feel the need to warn everyone about this hazard. Apparently this is pretty common and the number one reason for playground injury

what happens is...the childs shoe can get stuck on the slide for a second, combined with  the force and speed of the traveling adult putting pressure on the child's leg can result in a 'spiral fracture' as they call it. 

 I would have never even thought of that, but it could happen to anyone! It was nobody's fault...just an accident. Our heart broke for that poor babe,  I can't imagine how much that had to hurt. So PLEASE parents, its safer for your toddlers to go down an age appropriate slide on their own.


  1. Wow! I've never heard of that either. Off to convince the husband of this too!

  2. I always make sure that when I or my husband go down slides with our girls that we hold their legs straight out in front of us. That poor babe. :(

  3. Oh no, that is so terrible! Thanks for the warning x

  4. I've always been so scared of this happening, when I go down with Hunter I always lift his legs up slightly so they don't get caught going down.


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