Monday, August 19, 2013

Meet Mr. Leif

Dear Husband,
 here are some things I want to remember

1. You're so darn neat and organized that you almost make me look dresser looks like a tornado compared to yours.

2. You request that Sienna does not part take in cheerleading or softball, but perhaps golf or soccer. We shall see.

3. Your anal about toothpaste globs in the sink - thank goodness we each have our own, though I prefer your side - you always shoo me away to mine...its kind of entertaining to mess with you in that department :) 

4. Dust bunnies and clumps of hair gross you out. I think its hysterical and cant help but tease you with it

5. Your eyes are the craziest color...greenest of green with yellow specs

6. You refuse to cook unless the kitchen is spotless....why, I ask myself? It's only going to get dirty again.

7. You claim that you're growing whenever your legs hurt....keep dreaming buddy

8. You wont watch a movie unless its dark out

9. You would be more than thrilled about having more're not obsessed with having a son like most guys

10. The first thing you notice about people is their teeth

11. You hate when I put dishes on the left side of the sink, you'd prefer no dishes at all....a clean kitchen keeps your sanity for whatever reason.

12. You're extroverted, always getting into random conversations with everyone and anyone around...most often at Target when you're bored waiting on me

13. You can never find things....even when they're in front of your face. You'll call me over to help you find something thats staring right at you.

14. You used to HATE beer until had you try his Polish beers

15. You don't like eating leftovers....and I hate wasting food 


  1. Nice to meet you Mr. Leif! I'm in agreement with your hubby on several things, one being that dust bunnies drive me crazy too. You may want to tell him about the Roomba! It's expensive but you can program it to vacuum every corner of your house everyday! It was the best wedding present ever. I cracked up when I read the one about him still growing, lol. ;)

    1. Sounds like the Roomba would make an awesome Christmas gift for him haha thanks for the tip!

  2. Danny do you have a long lost twin that I am dating?! The similarities are crazy! Especially the hair thing and clean kitchen!

  3. Nice to know a little more about him so now without futher adue I am gonna ask if he has a brother whom is just like him hehe! Truth be told he reminds me of me when it comes to the whole clean & organized part.. I cannot stand for things to be dirty or out of place..

  4. I wish my husband was that clean and tidy! It's pretty much the opposite here. He sounds like a great guy!

  5. Replies
    1. I think its so sweet when hubbys want daughters :)


Your sweet words always make my day! :) Thank you.