Tuesday, August 20, 2013

17 months

My little lady, 
you are 17 months old today
(written 8/13/13)

 It hasn't been the easiest month, you are really testing your limits lately. You do things you know you're not suppose to and look at me with a smirk...things like jumping on the couch, your favorite thing to do lately. Thanks for the Christmas gift idea: a mini trampoline

You drive me bananas with this, especially because your little BFF Paisley just broke her leg. Accidents happen and sometimes you cant avoid them but geeze that has made me so much more paranoid about everything you do and climb on to lately.

Its hard to get mad at this face

Still a picky eater,
 honestly - this has been my biggest parenting frustration. Everyone always says "they'll eat when they're hungry" nope, not this girl. Its a legit celebration in this house when you eat decent..which is quite rare. I just tell myself that this too shall pass, just like everything else I guess.

Smoothies or "pooodies" as your like to call them - are our saving grace around here,
 the only way you eat your veggies

You love the nursery rhyme " The wheels on the bus" Sometimes when you're screaming your head off in the car... I sing it over and over again to keep you quiet. You get super excited when you see a "bashh" (bus)

The other day you pointed to my stomach and said "baby" it was kind of strange & cute at the same time. no I'm not pregnant....yet ;)

You've been going on the potty more and more,
 the mini ice cream cone is your reward

you love your little baby friends and you've gotten good at sharing your toys except your baby....that remains off limits!

Your big cousin Sofia "shshia" as you say, is your idol... you do everything she does and even ate something you don't usually eat just because she was. 
still rocking a baby mullet, though its slowly getting longer

you said your biggest sentence the other day " what did you do baby?" probably because we ask you that atleast 10 times a day when you're getting into things you're not suppose to. You know say many Polish words...I try to teach you things in both English and Polish. Sometimes when we ask you what something is you'll say the Polish name for it and sometimes English.

you started going to dance class this month - you LOVE it!
I love seeing you in that big puffy tutu...last week, you cried when we had to take it off knowing the class was over.

Funny ways you say some things

soup - poop
soap - pope
potty- pobbie
big girl - bee go
pineapple - apple papple
smoothie - pooodie
dabi- any kind of berry
car - kai
cup - bab
sun - nan
Sienna - Nenna
Hawaii - Hawawie


  1. What ingredients you use for her smoothies? I want to try that with my son.

    1. A mix of fruit and veggies. Typically I use Kale, spinach, avocado, blueberries, banana, carrots, peas, brocoli, chia seeds, yogurt, a little bit of juice for sweetness.

    2. Oh thanks, I was just about to ask you when I saw this comment... M is so bad with veggies that I try different things with him... Let's see...

  2. My daughter LOVES the wheels on the bus song. There's a show on netflix called "the wheels on the bus" lol. it's only 3 episodes. my daughter enjoys it so much.

  3. Aw, I love baby talk! So sweet!

  4. She is so adorable!! Beautiful big blue eyes! Happy 17 months!!

  5. She is adorable! Love the baby mullet, my girls rocked it for awhile too.


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