Thursday, August 22, 2013

classic example

You know how that old saying goes, "kids have more fun with the box than the present"? Well. Here is a classic example of a kiddo at a room full of beautiful toys and dozens of colorful books, this little turkey prefers a shoe box. On her head, no less....and a jump rope for a necklace.

I love the adorable reminders that sweet Sienna gives us daily about the beauty of finding joy in the simple things.  

Cheers to wearing shoe boxes on our heads and enjoying life's small pleasures!


  1. so so true! Breanna was playing with an empty paper towel roll yesterday!

  2. Boxes are so much fun! My kids always like to use the empty Kleenex boxes for 'shoes' on their feet! It's amazing what they can do with all of the 'non-toys' in the house! Makes me want to have a giant garage sale and sell all of the actual toys that we have!

  3. I know right, why bother with buying toys!? Sofia loves playing with anything that isn't a toy as well ;)

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  4. Hi! I nominated you for The Sunshine Blog Award! I love your blog :) Check it out here.


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