Monday, October 15, 2012

7 Months old

Dear Sienna,

You are 7 months old today,
 a happy go lucky, healthy & beautiful girl you are.

Life moves very fast when you're watching the most beautiful display of it right before your eyes. 

We love you with every ounce of our being.

(written 10/13/12)


we discovered that you are ticklish! 
its the best way to get giggles out of you

you said your second word this month "cha" for Charlie
you love your doggie so much, he knows now that in order not to be bald he must keep his distance from you as you love to tug on his fur...but he loves you regardless.

Your sleeping habits when from bad to worse, mama cant catch a break and its the only reason why now at the age of 25, I started drinking coffee- I'm not sure if its just from teething and it will pass with time...I can only hope. 

speaking of teeth - you don't have any yet and I'm perfectly ok with it because I don't think there is anything more cute than your toothless gummy smile

you smile from ear to ear & kick your feet in happiness when Daddy gets home from work. My favorite thing to watch is you two together.

Its so great that you can sit in restaurant high chairs & shopping carts now, you are content the whole time making cruising through the aisles of Target more enjoyable for mama.

you have dark brown hair with the bluest of blue eyes 
that you get so many compliments on
(Daddy better star gearing up to chase away lots of boys)

its getting harder and harder to take these sticker pictures,
 because you just do not wanna stay put

you are a very small eater and it shows - you're a little petite lady
in the morning you have some oatmeal & fruit then bottle...that you do ok with.
lunch we attempt the dreaded we trick you with puffies and shove spoonfuls in your mouth when you open for what you think is a puffy.... you're a tough cookie.

I cant get enough of you in hats
I wish Arizona was colder, for this reason alone.

I don't realize how much you change, until I do the side by side comparison - wow!

What I'm looking forward to...
I cannot wait for the day you say "mama" I think my heart will explode

Halloween- though I dislike this holiday as a whole - I cant wait to see you in your costumes, yes as in plural - you have two...I'm a crazy mama what can I say :)

Hikes - now that its getting nice out we will be taking many weekend hikes with you! hope you love them as much as we do

Your Daddy thinks you need a sibling next year,
I'll get back to you on that one.

I love you sunshine,


  1. Oh my gosh, she is such a beauty!! :) Daddy and daughter time totally melts my heart too. Happy 7 months little lady!

  2. Haha, that last line made me giggle!! My hubs is also begging for a sibling... It's just not that easy!

    Little Sienna is adorable x

    1. haha isnt it funny how our hubbys have the baby fever now? certainly not that easy though

  3. She is SO beautiful! Be sure to post TONS of pictures in her Halloween costume!!

    1. I certainly will - one of the costumes is for my own entertainment haha she looks hysterical in it

  4. The photo of her and Charlie is adorable. :) She's got such a squishy face!
    I agree with Danny...a little Hudson perhaps ;) x

    1. haha I really want a little Hudson Daniel <3 just not sure when

  5. OMGGGG she is seriously too precious for words! And my husband seems to think that we should have another one next year too (my son is 9 months old)... I'm torn! Lol

    1. haha funny how our hubbys are the ones with baby fever now! but I'm torn too - its not easy!

  6. I saw the dress Sienna is wearing at Target and it was so cute!!! Im planing to get it for my niece.
    Ps: She is getting so big and I love to read your blog :)

    1. Thanks so much :) - congrats on your niece!

  7. Happy 7 months to your beautiful baby girl! It sounds like she is growing faster and faster and doing great. What a blessing. :)

  8. Too cute...the picture of her with the hat is adorable!

  9. Oh my goodness, she is just a doll!! I love her little outfits!

  10. Just found your blog. Oh my word. Can't get over the cuteness! I love how you dress her. So adorable. Happy 7 months!

  11. Thanks so much for the comment on my blog! So glad you found me- your blog is gorgeous(and your peanut is ADORABLE! Loving the headbands!).


Your sweet words always make my day! :) Thank you.