Saturday, October 13, 2012

Fall Shenanigans

I have looked forward to the day we got to take Sienna to a pumpkin patch ever since I was pregnant

 something really cute about a little babe among pumpkins as big as them

Sienna was most interested in the hay, she kept trying to put it in her mouth...maybe I should have gotten her a little cow costume for Halloween  :)

Best part, 

amazing weather has finally made its way to Arizona,
 I hope Sienna is ready for all the hikes we will be taking her on!

Happy Fall everyone!!


  1. Sienna is so adorable :) Love those blue eyes!

  2. These photos are so adorable!! She is such a beautiful baby! Glad you got to take her to the pumpkins! :)

  3. she is so adorable! I agree, I love babies surrounded by pumpkins...

  4. Joanna, she is stunning! I love how her eyes pop when she is wearing blue. She should wear blue everyday! ;)


  5. such sweet pictures! she is such a doll!!

  6. Jo I can't get over those eyes! And that outfit is adorable. Good going, Momma!

  7. She has beautiful blue eyes! Looks like a fun time at the pumpkin patch!

  8. That pumpkin patch looks like fun, the first photo is gorgeous! And I love the baby ugg boots, so cute!


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