Monday, January 14, 2013

10 Months old

Dear Sienna,

 What have you done to my sweet, happy, little baby girl ? When you find her - let her know I miss her and want her back!! 
Holy Moley this month was TOUGH.
  • you don't wanna eat
  • you don't wanna sleep
  • you scream during car rides
  • you hate being in your stroller or shopping cart
  • you hate diaper changes
  • you wont eat anything but puffs or bread
  • you throw your sippy cup across the room if I DARE to give you a drink
  • you're whiny & clingy most days                                       

I pray that this is just due to teething and I'll get my angel back once those suckers pop out and hopefully that comes before my sanity is gone...Fingers crossed.



 The pictures above pretty much sum you up this month....climbing everything or whining and despite you being a handful for us, you are still SO very smart. You can do and say things most 1 year olds cannot.

Today, you went pee pee immediately when I sat  you on the potty!
you have no idea how proud that makes us!
As much as I didn't want to give it to you, out of desperation we tried teething tablets, Motrin, teething gel and guess what? It did NOTHING.
you are super dramatic, its quite funny and scary at the same time come your teen years.
When you fall wont get up on your own even though you will lay there and cry until someone comes to pick you up.

you still only have TWO teeth

you started walking along furniture this month & you crawl like you're on a mission...which most of the time you are

you are in 6-12 clothes.
12M pants necessary for your fluff butt & long legs

You are little miss boss around here,
we all know it and don't like to admit it
but you have us wrapped around your finger


Here are some things you love:

Charlie - you throw him his ball and giggle when he brings it back to you

Carbs - yep! you are most definitely my daughter

A & A blanket - you wont go to sleep without it

jumperoo -  you'll  jump till you pass out

Bath time - when you're cranky
I put you in the tub and you instantly transform into a happy baby


A lot of people now say that you look just like your mama, I think the blue eyes are throwing me off because I just don't see it as much as I want to

Cute things you do:

give hugs and kisses when asked - this is my absolute favorite...
especially the kisses during facetime with grandma

you growl when asked what Charlie says,
no one taught you this...well, technically Charlie did

when we say "where is Sienna?"
you put your blanky over your face

when you stand on your own,
you try so hard to balance it makes you look like you're surfing

you point to different things when asked where they are. Last month you pointed to a baby in a shopping cart when we were in HomeGoods when I asked you where the baby was. (That babys mother was amazed)

you snuggle with us in bed
I have a love/hate relationship with the whole co-sleeping thing (post about that coming)

 dance - you have some moves kid - where you learned them, I have no idea

call for me when you wake up from a nap

These monthly chair pictures are getting nearly impossible with you trying to stand...on a ROCKING chair- recipe for a disaster. You're a little dare devil and have to get into & try everything!


Sweet girl, You are the best thing to happen to us! you melt your daddy's heart when you crawl up to his feet and squeal with delight when he comes home from work.



  1. She is such a doll! Her and isbella are alot alike

  2. I'm loving all her cute faces! I swear they make me melt! I'm in the same boat with the teething & constant whining. Praying for some peace for you :)

    1. oy I hope it passes soon for you too, so we can both get some peace!

  3. She is just the cutest little thing! Her eyes are beautiful. I know what you mean by those hard things you mentioned at the beginning, my little girl has been so winy and throws lots of fits. Hang in there! It'll pass, eventually : ) thanks for commenting on my blog so I could see yours too! It's very cute!

  4. Thank you for the comment! Your little girl is beautiful! I love the line about the dramatic teen years! Too funny

  5. She is beautiful! And those faces - the girl's got personality! I love that she calls for you when she wakes up from her nap. That is so precious and sweet :)

  6. My goodness, she is one beautiful little girl!! :) Alidia started to have a lot of similar days around the same age with the eating and diva-ness! I am sure it will pass. Was definitely teeth related here although Alidia is still a 'I want it my way' diva from time to time, not nearly as much now. But hey, at least they are so darn cute right?! Sounds like you have one clever little girl on your hands!!! :)

  7. Sienna is so beautiful! I'm your newest follower. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I look forward to reading more about your family! <3

  8. She is sooo stinkin' precious! I hope the teething gets better for you guys!

  9. I love the update post. She has grown so much. I love how you can see her little personality :) The faces are too dang cute & adorable. I just love them to no ends! I bet you are glad she is a water baby. Hang in there mamma she will end this stage soon enough but then sadly terrible 2's will be on the way some day :(


Your sweet words always make my day! :) Thank you.