Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Answers to your Questions!

How did you get the courage to leave your family and move cross country?
I don't think it took courage but rather a realization our life would be much better elsewhere. Leaving our families was certainly hard and is even harder now that we have a baby, but at the end of the day...we are happy here and we would never go back to NY.
Are you planning to have another baby soon?
The million dollar question - ha! we get asked this all the time and I'm not sure of the answer at the moment. Originally, we wanted to try for another this summer....but Sienna has been TOUGH lately making us rethink that idea... so unless she gets better by then I don't see it happening for a little while

 Is there a significance in the 275 for you? I noticed that you've it in your emails, twitter, youtube (don't think I'm a stalker he he)
You are a very observant stalker ;) lol jk - but YES 275 is the  house number of my childhood home in Poland, I'm a bit of a sentimental case like that.

Has anyone ever told you that you look like Mila Kunis?
Oh my goodness! YES! I have been told that many times! and though I dont think I'm nearly as pretty as her I get excited when people tell me that.

 Where do you buy Sienna's clothes? 
I hate paying  full price for baby clothes, unless I'm dying of how cute something is but I generally hunt for sales a Target or Old Navy 

Embarrassing moment?
ha! One time I went to In-n-out burger and instead of ordering my burger 'animal style' I said 'doggy style' the guy behind the counter laughed...and my sister to this day brings it up and tells everyone we know.

Whats the craziest thing anyone has done for you?
My ex boyfriend got a tattoo for me after we broke up, he thought/hoped that doing something that extreme would make me want to go back with him. Well, it didn't work ha shortly after that I met Danny and let me tell you...he did not like that, the crazy didn't stop at the tattoo.
How often do you and hubby have "sexy time"?
haha I'm laughing because that's exactly what we call it and it varies each week, sometimes hubs gets lucky 4x some weeks its 0x...nothing in our house is predictable these days. Little Sienna rules this place

If you were to have another girl, what would her name be?
oh boy this is hard because I'm so particular when it comes to names, for a boy we have a few and 1 we are almost sure of...but for a girl its much harder. I really love classical  names like Claire, Stella, Josephine but hubs says it makes him think of an old lady ha! So if baby #2 is a girl we are in trouble....we did agree a while  back and though its not as unique as I would like it to be, it will do if we cant get anything better.

How tall are you?
I'm tiny! barely making 5ft...but I like to round it up ;) a little lady indeed!

 What did you want to be when you were a teenager and have you found yourself  taking a different path or doing what you always planned? I have always wanted to be a mommy, ever since I was little. I also always saw myself working in healthcare....I know its strange, but I kinda like hospitals and would love to one day work in one. I have taken most core classes required for a healthcare degree, when I go back to school what I'll have left to complete are classes for a specific path I choose.

Do you have a career/job? who designed your blog template?
currently my full time job is being a kick ass mommy ;) no amount of money or job will ever be worthy for me to send my child to be cared for and raised by someone else. When she's older, I'll be returning to school and working on a career. My blog template was made by a girl I found on IG.

How long were you and hubs dating before moving in together? When did you decide it was time to get a house together? Hubs and I dated for 4 years before we moved in together, after living together at his parents house we moved across the country to Arizona. We decided to buy a house because it was killing us to rent an apt that was almost as much as a mortgage on a house.

How many siblings do you have? I'm confused how Olivia is your niece.
Haha I have 3 siblings and 3 nieces.  2 sisters & a brother. My oldest sister doesn't have kids, my brother has 2 girls, and my other sister is Sofia's mom

What is the most expensive outfit you bought baby Sienna?
Sienna's most expensive outfit is her birthday outfit :) Its sooo cute! I almost never buy anything for her unless is on sale or clearance, I don't see a point of paying full price for baby clothes...she stains  most things and outgrows them so quickly!
Thanks for your questions everyone!
I enjoyed answering them :)


  1. Love this post!! I also live in AZ. We could be neighbors and not know it!! (I don't mean that to be creepy at all.)

    1. I'm always up for new friends :) we live in Chandler, how about you?

  2. I love this! "Sexy time" in our house is the same way, and it can be an awkward discussion sometimes because the hubs really thinks there is more time for it...but when you have a crazy little one running the house, that changes things. I also agree with you on the clothes! I can't stand paying full price for clothes when they are just going to grow out of them or ruin them so quickly! I love clearance, and although I don't care for Wal-Mart, when their clothes go on clearance, it's like $1.50 per item. I picked up 5 things last week for $7. I was so happy. That's cheaper than the second hand store!

    1. Old Navy often has a percentage off clearance, I've gotten Sienna things for .50 cents! cant beat it. I also stock up on sizes ahead if its a good deal. I never tried wal-mart but I will now :) thanks!

  3. Hi Joanna,

    Why do you complain about ppl stealing your photos on INSTAGRAM and you made your profile PUBLIC again? Don't ever complain again with your followers this your own fault!!

    1. Bit rude! Whether you have a public or private profile, other people don't have the right to steal peoples photos, let alone repost them as theirs.

    2. incredibly rude indeed, but having a blog...Its hard to keep her photos hidden. It would take me so long to watermark them all so I just said "screw it"

  4. hi there,
    well 1. my instagram isn't always public, I make it that way when I enter giveaways and then switch it back when its over 2. if someone wants to steal my pictures there are other ways they can do from my blog, or mine and hubs facebook, though our facebooks are of course private there is no way to make profile & cover pictures private and I think that's where one of the stolen pics came from. 3. I realized that I should be more flattered than mad over this, if my baby is cute enough for others to worship and post on their own instagram. So I suppose its my own fault, but I cant hide her away...people will always find a way.

  5. I'm super short too. 5 foot and a quarter inch but I round up to 5'1 :)

    1. petite girls rock ;) I always round up too haha too funny

  6. I had a question! (Even though I know I'm a little late lol) But Do you use a professional camera like a DSLR Nikon or Canon? or just a regular digital camera?

    1. both actually, I have a Nikon 5100 which is too big and bulky to bring everywhere so when we go out I always throw my little canon powershot in my purse :)

  7. This was fun to read! I'm kind of shocked that someone asked how many times a week you have "sexy time." I guess anything goes in blog land these days! ;) For me, girl names are so much easier! I have a bunch that I love but I really don't have any boy names that I'm crazy about. I was so happy when we found out was a girl for that reason!

    1. haha people asked worse ones...that I didn't even answer. Your little girl is too cute! I love seeing all her pics

  8. Absolutely love this post - always great t get to know your blogger friends better! Thanks for sharing sweet lady.
    I agree that boys names are so much easier, we have a whole long list and no girls names!


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