Friday, January 18, 2013

6 Reasons I Know I Married the Right Person

For years I've wondered if there was one - and only one- person out there for everyone.
Though the sappy romantic in me would like to say yes of course! but I actually think that there is probably a number of people out there we are compatible with and would be happy with. I know I know, Nicholas sparks would probably wanna smack me for saying that.

But one thing I'm sure of is that I found & married the perfect person for me. Here is why:

I never get sick of him. Danny is my best friend and has been for 7 years. I think that has been the foundation of our relationship, We spent every waking minute together since the day we met &  to this day we swear we haven't gotten sick of each other.

He complements me. There is a lot of balance in our relationship that makes it work. Sure, sometimes it creates tension but most of the time our differences make us realize how much we need each other. Danny is a spender, I'm a saver. He makes decisions with his head, I use my heart. He steals the sheets, I steal the pillows. He lives in the present, I'm very futuristic. He uses big spoons, I like little ones. He likes his eggs scrambled, I like mine sunny side up. Neither of us is wrong, just different. 

We grow together. We both try to make each day count, we work on little ways to improve our health & our daily lives. We continued to grow on the same path along one another without steering of course.

We agree on ALMOST everything. I cant even imagine how draining it must be to disagree with your spouse on a regular basis and have frequent heated discussions.  Generally speaking, we agree on most things..if not, we compromise. We bicker, yes but end it with agreeing to disagree and forgetting about it after 2 minutes.

Our personalities mesh well together. We're both laid back, middle-of-the-road kind of people. We're particular about certain things & we try to do right by everyone.

Noone else is going to love me when I get mad. OK I stole that line from Taylor Swift. But its true. Sometimes, I'm not easy to love but he chooses to love me anyway. He doesn't threaten to leave or use it against me. He accepts my flaws & I accept his.


  1. love this! I feel the same way, we've only been married 7 months so maybe we're still on that newlywed high but I've felt this way evem through our 2 and half years of dating.

  2. I love that he compliments you and that y'all work to grow together. It's so important to have a balance between everything going on in your lives. Happy for you! (:

  3. This is so sweet! & I love the Taylor Swift reference ;)

  4. What a lovely lovely couple and such a lovely post. - Nicole

  5. very cute post! You're a lucky girl!

  6. How cute are you two! AND your daughter is freakin adorable!


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