Thursday, January 10, 2013

out with the baby, in with the toddler

The past month it had hit me hard that Sienna is going to be turning ONE soon. I've been sad about it, which I hate to admit.

I love having a baby and its completely unfair that this stage only lasts one short year.While rocking her to sleep last night, I found myself breathing in her sweet baby smell and taking it  in every cuddle because before I know it, she will be off to 1st grade.

Its bittersweet watching her grow, I cant believe I'm already planning a first birthday party. I was just packing a hospital bag.

nothing can prepare you for the intense love you feel for your child,
its like nothing else.


  1. I often take in deep breaths of Chloe's little head while we are rocking and reading stories before bedtime, knowing these days are numbered. I want to remember her smell forever, just the way she is now. It is all too bittersweet for sure.

  2. It goes so fast! I'm trying to embrace toddlerhood with my now 19 month old but I still can't figure out how we got here. Wasn't I just bringing her home from the hospital? I spent last night transcribing a post to my blog about the last day I nursed my girl. Looking back at photos from her first months and remembering those sweet quiet times made me tear up. But then I remember how much fun this age is and how much adventure we have everyday. It sure would be sweet though to make those baby days stretch out a bit longer :)

  3. I've noticed I've been doing the same, nothing like baby smell <3

  4. It's heartbreaking to know how fast they grow up! My son will be eight months in just a few days and I'm in complete shock that that is even possible. It feels like it was just yesterday he was a little, little baby and now he's crawling all over the place and wants independence already!

  5. It really does go by so fast - and no matter how many times people warned me of that fact, I still wasn't prepared! I hate to say it, but I think the second year is going by even quicker :(

    Have fun planning her first birthday party though!

  6. Okay, thanks a lot...just crying now!! I was just watching Gre in the bath tonight and got all teary eyedwhere did our itty bitty girls go?!? It's gone by way too fast and I'm trying hard to soak up as much baby love as I can!

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  8. Thanks for following my blog! I just started following yours, your baby is absolutely beautiful (as are you) love this picture!

  9. Love your blog :) New follower!! And I feel the same way and my little man is about to turn 6 months old. I keep wondering just where does the time go and how does it go so fast!?!? Your little girl is adorable!

  10. I wish my arms were as skinny as yours!! What a lovely mommy daughter shoot :) I love all of her facial expressions in the photos on the recent posts!! she is darling!!


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