Sunday, January 6, 2013

Sofia & Sienna Resemblance

So many people have said to me that Sienna looks just like her cousin Sofia. I never really saw it, but I do now after seeing them side by side 

Sofia is on the left 
Sienna on the right
few days old
1 month old
3 months old

4 months
Same face 7 months
8 months


  1. You wrote Sienna's on the left at the top, and from the very first photo I meant the right didn't you :P Clearly a sign that I spend too much time on your instagram haha

  2. haha glad you picked that up, my mistake! what do you think? any resemblance?

    1. I think they could pass as twins! The only difference is sienna has more of an almond shaped face with cheekbones whereas Sofia seems to have a very round face. Their expressions are the same. And the Eyes are so similar. That's one hell of a gene pool!

  3. Wow, that's amazing! They do look so much alike! Both are cuties :)

  4. Wow!! They sure do look alike. In some of these photos, they look like they could be twins. Both such little beauties, that is for certain! :)

  5. That's crazy! So cute though!

  6. Wow!! They definitely do look alike. So cute!

  7. Oh wow they do look a lot alike. Too cute! Both are precious :)

  8. Cutest babies ever? Yesss. They look so alike!


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